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Support from our alumni, public / private sector corporations, federal / provincial / international donor organizations and other friends of our institution allow us to achieve a margin of excellence. Since its inception GIK Institute has benefited from the philanthropy of its friends; your contributions can continue to support our objectives and make a real and lasting difference, to vital research projects; to the achievements of talented students; to the welfare of our nation; and to the prosperity of our country.

By supporting GIK Institute, you will contribute to the hopes and dreams of our researchers and students and inspire them to accomplish their vision for an improved tomorrow.

Our mission for a better future

Today, researchers at GIK Institute will develop tangible and unique solutions to real world challenges. Today, GIK Institute will educate thousands of youngsters who are going to be tomorrow’s leaders. Today, we can effort together to make a difference to the success of our country, our nation and the world. Being part of our mission, you will share the hopes and dreams of our researchers and students and inspire them to realize their vision for a better tomorrow.

What you can support for

Supporting the mission of GIK Institute offers many rewards; most important is to make a difference. To add a distinction for the lives of students and the skills they will attain, for important research projects, for the economic welfare of the region, and for the future of our country.

GIK Institute has a proven track record for providing excellence in research and education. As a donor, you can support a range of programs promoting excellence and innovation, including innovative research, scholarships for hardworking but disadvantaged students, prizes to reward academic achievement, initiatives to support the community and activities to make our country always prospering.

To maintain GIK Institute strength and improve on more than 16 years of success, Institute has established key priorities and funding objectives. These funds focus improving the GIK undergraduate experience, strengthening GIK professional masters programs, and contributing to faculty excellence. Your support can help us alleviate our scholarship programs and deal with funding deficits.

Donation Form and how to donate.

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