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Transition to Renewable Energy: GIKI signed a contract with M/S Zonergy Company Limited for the installation of 1MW solar power plant.

The Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology is making continuous efforts to lead the way in contributing towards extension of sustainable practices such as renewable energy by bringing in a visible step of Solar Power Plant installation on Campus. One of the Institute’s strategic goals is to establish an eco-friendly green environment on campus along with reducing the ever-growing expenses on utilities. Recently, an MoU signing ceremony took place at Conference Room, Admin Block, GIK Institute with M/S Zonergy Company Limited for the installation of 1MW solar power plant.

A solar panel installation is a substantial approach to lower carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Currently, the clean energy targets are being executed widely across the world and every small input to meet these targets counts. Thus, via Solar Power Plant installation at campus, the GIK Institute is not only a moving towards a way forward to save utility bills, but it also shows that the Institute has visible commitment towards promoting sustainable, clean, and green environment and making to the list of top green educational Institutes around the world.

Through this step the Institute can also create a lot of benevolence not only among the local community but at National and International levels. With this significant step forward towards a sustainable future, it is also believed that investors might get more attracted towards putting their trust in a forward-thinking educational institute. An Institute that is powered by solar energy can flourish as a center of attention for our progressively increasing eco-friendly society with great concern towards raising awareness on global green environment.

Energy efficient appliances usage

The task of powering University campuses with clean energy can be made easier through aggressive steps to improve the energy efficiency of campus buildings. Energy efficiency in campus buildings can save University’s money and accelerate the transition to a clean energy future.

GIK Institute makes sure that energy efficient appliances are purchased and being used on campus to replace the conventional ones. Inverter ACs, LED bulbs, Energy Star-certified computers and laptops are being used at GIK Institute.

Certain Energy-Intensive Facilities on campus provide powerful opportunities for energy savings. Research laboratories at GIK institute are properly ventilated to keep researchers/students safe. GIK institute is taking measures to reduce operational costs in labs and campus buildings. All buildings have large windows that allow sunlight in and bright colored paint to reflect it around rooms, as well as other clean energy and water conservation features.

All buildings of GIK fulfil the requirements of the international Standards .GIK implemented the elements of ‘green building’ such as an installation of double glaze window glasses for natural lightning, Big walkway passages for natural air flow, BIG Halls exhaust system to remove excess humidity CO2 & Heat, electrical efficient HVAC Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system for air conditioning.

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