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“On World Teacher’s Day, the Rector, Prof. Dr. Fazal A. Khalid, SI, met with Pro-Rectors, Deans, Faculty, and Staff of the GIK Institute to honor their dedication and hard work.”

GIK Institute Annual Showdown

Student Affairs Department in collaboration with Literary and Debating Society organized GIK Institute Annual Showdown, conducted on Monday 16th May 2022 at 6:00 PM in Auditorium. 

Showdown is an annual event conducted in GIK Institute to highlight the major issues (Both administrative and academic point) in GIK institute, to evaluate and to resolve the issues. There are two Panels to discuss the issues, a panel from GIK Administration/faculty and a Panel from the students. The students raise the issues/suggestions and the administration/faculty response to the issues/suggestions, evaluate the issues/suggestions for any implementation. If allowed the students from the audience may also ask some questions/queries/issues etc. 

This activity is held annually to improve Teaching and learning along the Institute and to improve the bond between faculty/administration and students and to build a culture of ling long learning practices at HEIs. If institutions and indeed nations are to compete on a global scale, they need to meet the changing needs of today’s students and employees. This means offering students to communicate their choices over how they want study so that they can fit their learning around other commitments. Similarly, enabling staff/faculty to deliver course content in a more flexible way in light of student’s suggestions that could have a positive impact on wellbeing of a conducive learning environment.

GIK Institute secures a Top position in SDG 4 Quality Education in Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2022 in Pakistan and 37th Globally

The GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology ranked 801-1000 globally in THE University Impact Rankings 2022; while maintaining a prominent position among Pakistani Universities. In SDG4: Quality Education, GIK Institute secured overall position of 37 globally and TOP among all Pakistani Universities. In SDG11: Sustainable cities and communities, GIK Institute achieved overall position of 401-600 globally and stood 3rd among all Pakistani Universities.

Rector GIK visits UET Taxila as HEC Penal Head for Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE)

GIK Teaching Excellence Award 2021

A ceremony to honor the efforts of the faculty members to deliver quality education in the institution was organized by QEC on December 03, 2021. The honorable Rector, Prof. Fazal Ahmad Khalid, was the chief guest in the event. Both the pro-rectors and all the deans were present in the ceremony along with the prize-winners. In the start of the ceremony, the Rector highlighted the importance of quality teaching and honoring teachers who make efforts to deliver quality education. He then distributed the prizes amongst the winners. There were two categories for the prizes: 1) Top 3 faculty members with the highest student evaluation scores, for the courses taught in the year 2020, were given the ‘Teaching Excellency Award’ for the year 2021. There were Dr. Memoon Sajid (FEE), Dr. Taqi Ahmad Cheema (FME), Prof. Ghulam Hussain (FME). Some other faculty members who had obtained a very good score in their course teacher evaluations were given ‘Certificate of Appreciation’.

These included Dr. Fida Mohmmad (FMCE), Dr. Khalid Rahman (FME), Dr. Ramzan Abdul Karim (FMCE), Dr. Yousaf Ali Khan (SMgS), Dr. Kashifullah Khan (SMgS), Dr. Muhammad Waqas (FCSE), Dr. Shahabuddin Ansari (FCSE), Ms. Umme Rabab Syed (SMgS), Dr. Ahmad Abbas (FME), Mr. Hassaan Tariq (SMgS), Dr. Abid Imran (FME), Ms. Kinza Rahim (SMgS). The ceremony ended with a causal chat over tea and group photos of the participants.

Teach for Pakistan Educational Session

Awareness session to understand how the Teach For Pakistan Fellowship will not only build your understanding of the education inequity present in our nation, but also how you can develop your own professional leadership skills to enact systemic change for the children of this country.

GIK’s inaugural participation in GreenMetric Rankings

This year GIK institute for the 1st time participated in international GreenMetric Rankings and was ranked 3rd in KPK region, 9th in private sector universities, 22nd among National universities and 532 globally.

Purpose of participation in UI GreenMetric is to aid the university’s efforts in internationalization and recognition by getting its sustainability efforts on the global map. The world faces unprecedented global challenges such as population trends, global warming, over exploitation of natural resources, oil-dependent energy, water and food shortages and sustainability. We realize that higher education has a crucial role to play in addressing these challenges. UI GreenMetric leverages the crucial role that HEIs can play in raising awareness by doing an assessment and comparing efforts in education for sustainable development, sustainability research, campus greening, and social outreach. GIK Institute has the same mission and goal to hit those sustainable targets and keep progressing.

The key parameters of GreenMetric Rankings are:

  • Setting and Infrastructure (SI)
  • Energy and Climate Change (EC)
  • Waste (WS)
  • Water (WR)
  • Transportation (TR)
  • Education and Research (ED)

Self-Review Visit of Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) – 2021

The institutional performance evaluation (IPE) is a process that consists of an Institute Portfolio Report (IPR) and a team visit providing an institution with performance indicators which permits to look at the university critically; to have input from an external IPE team; and to take the necessary steps towards continuous quality improvement (CQI).

This IPE process which takes place periodically is of vital importance to all universities that desire to meet international standards. To achieve the desired objectives of IPE, QEC GIK institute prepares IPR providing answers to the questions listed in conjunction with each of the standards in HEC provided IPE Manual as well as the university wide data. This Institute Portfolio Report needs to be prepared before the visit of IPE Panel. The IPE Panel is at university for three days for assessment. HEC conducts the IPE visit every 5 years and HEIs conduct Self-IPE on yearly basis.

The Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) Self-Review visit of GIK institute was held on 7-8th April 2021 by following Self-Review Team:

  1. Dr Farrukh Idrees, Director QEC, Rawalpindi Medical University
  2. Dr. Khalid Rahman, Dean FME, GIK Institute
  3. Dr. Zahid Halim, Associate Professor, FCSE

Postgraduate Program Self-Review Visit at GIK institute

The Postgraduate Degree Program Review is a process to ensure the quality of postgraduate level education at HEIs. Recently QAA, HEC has shared the newly designed proformas with HEIs that are offering Postgraduate degree Programs for compilation of data as per the requirement. The review process of these Programs is being conducted based on data provided by the HEIs.

During the visit, Program Review Committee comprising of eminent Professors, determine how well the criteria laid down by the HEC is being followed. After the review visit, a detailed report is being prepared and shared with the concerned DAI for compliance. HEC conducts Postgraduate degree program review visit every two years. But if HEC Team doesn’t visit the Institute, the Institute is supposed to conduct its Self-Postgraduate Program Review.

Two Days Workshop, “Redefining Teaching Learning Process to Incorporate the Cooperative Learning Strategies – Designing and Assessing Complex Engineering Problems, Open Ended Labs and CQI

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