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Book Club by Literary & Debating Society (LDS)

The Literary and Debating Society arranged a session called the Book Club. This session served as a benchmark get-together to learn and share everyone’s perspective on the book “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka on Thursday, 13th October, FES LH4, 8:00 pm.

Kafka’s story moves so seamlessly between the fantastic and the ordinary, the funny and the horrifying, the global and the personal, which reminds us of all to embrace our inner vermin—both our own sanity and the very survival of human civilization may depend on it. “The Metamorphosis” is about as Kafkaesque as Kafka gets. Let’s sit together, discuss, analyze, study its meanings, and answer the questions posed by its fantastical scenario.

Through such activities GIK Institute promotes a culture of reading among students and enhances their knowledge on various cultures.


Open Mic Night by Literary and Debating Society

“My words on leaves, the soil buried forever”.

On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, LDS organized an Open Mic Night on campus. This open mic night was committed to the words and emotions buried deep, struggling to find directions towards one’s mouth and waiting to be heard by the world. This night was for those hearts which yearn silently. It was for every person who longs for things they could never attain.

Theme: حسرت ہی رہے تو بہتر ہے

GIK Model United Nations Conference (GIMUN 22)

The Society for Promotion of Higher Education in Pakistan (SOPHEP) under the Student Affairs Department organized an All-Pakistan Event called GIMUN. It was a three-day event from the 13th to 15th of May 2022 welcoming enthusiastic debaters and upcoming lawyers from all over Pakistan. The event comprised of a Model United Nations conference namely GIMUN and a Moot Court Competition namely GMC.


During this event 150+ participants from universities across the country indulged in quality discussion and provided unique perspectives and solutions to real world problems. GIMUN served as a platform for multifaceted candidates that are looking to take advantage of the plethora of opportunities such as enhancing their public speaking, leadership, diplomacy, and negotiation skills whilst acquainting themselves with global issues that will thus aid them to break free from the tunnel vision trap that plagues our society and view the world in a way that transcends national boarder. The event also welcomed educational consultants who provided guidance to the student body and participants on campus regarding pursuing higher education abroad.

The event also comprised of exhilarating socials ranging from a themed dinner and cultural cabaret to a concert featuring top artists. In this three-day event as promised SOPHEP delivered as to its honorable delegates an amazing experience. People from all over Pakistan participate enthusiastically in this prestigious event, making it the most competitive and educating experience for them.

All Pakistan Science Fair

GIK Science Society under the Student Affairs Department conducted an All-Pakistan Event. This year, the GIKI Science society hosted the 22nd iteration of their yearly event, All Pakistan Science Fair on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of May 2022. The event took place after 2 years of being at halt due to the COVID pandemic. School and university delegations from all over Pakistan took part in it. The main purpose for organizing the science fair was to challenge the mindset of the youth and give them a platform where they could implement their technical knowledge. Among the multitudinous modules of the event, the most distinguished were the Science Marathon, Kasoty, Forensics, Metradora, ParaX, Roll the Dice, and AeroModelling. In addition to this, a science exhibition took place where students and teams from all over Pakistan displayed their projects. The All-Pakistan Science Fair continued the legacy of delivering an awe-inspiring experience to its audience that wasn’t only filled with wisdom and knowledge but many memorable moments as well.


NAQSH Arts Society under the Student Affairs Department organized National Arts and Performing Arts Competition, Irtiqa’22. Naqsh Arts Society held its 17th National Arts and Performing Arts Competition, Irtiqa’22, from the 20th to the 22nd of May 2022. The event was a resounding success, as it boasted close to 150 participants from universities such as Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design (PIFD), National Textile University, Comsats Islamabad and Comsats Lahore to name a few. Along with the participants, Naqsh also welcomed its Alumni from previous batches to witness how well Naqsh and GIK have progressed since their graduation. The 3-day event featured lots of exciting modules and was filled with astounding performances from its participants. The event was divided into the following three sections.

Mimes -Theatrum :

On the opening night of the event, the Mimes competition was held in the AHA Auditorium. The performers were playing to a full house that night as the Auditorium was filled to the brim with participants and GIK-ians alike. The show featured seven mimes in total, of which four were performed by different participating teams and the rest were performed by members of Naqsh. The night featured enchanting performances which frequently brought the audience to their feet and the audience showed their appreciation by loud cheering and thunderous rounds of applause. The standout performance was from National Textile University which was a one-man play about the issues faced by transgenders in our society. The performance even received special appreciation from our judge for the mimes competition, Ma’am Zainub Mawaz, and naturally ended up winning the best actor award at the closing ceremony. Ma’am Zainub also complimented the organising team for their efforts and how the quality of mimes at the show had surpassed her high standards.

Naqsh Boulevard – Fashion Show:

On the evening of the second day, Naqsh hosted its most coveted and highly anticipated Fashion Show at the Faculty Club. Although the event started after sundown, the preparations for it started not long after sunrise. A lot of effort was put into the set-up, and in the end, the arrangements were a sight to behold, a ramp fit for any fashion show around the world. The participants themselves were also nothing short of professional, some of the dresses by the designers were so exquisitely made that it made even the judges doubt that they were store-bought. Apart from the designers, the models walked on stage with such charisma and flamboyance that the audience was truly captivated. The show also included dance performances by members of Naqsh which received a delightful response from the audience. All in all, the Fashion Show proved once again why it’s the marquee event of not only Irtiqa but of all the National level competitions held in GIK.

Fine Arts Competition:

The fine arts competition at Irtiqa was spread over two days as it contained thirteen modules such as Portrait, Mixed Media, Glass Painting, T-Shirt Design etc. The fine arts modules showed the pinnacle of creativity and imagination of participants, with the artists showcasing a great understanding of colour and tremendous command over artistic mediums. The resulting art pieces were all then displayed in the Barber’s Building for evaluation and exhibition. The judges walked around the exhibition for a long time before choosing whom should crown the winner, as each art piece was so well made that it was hard to pick one over the other.

International Science and Youth Symposium by GIK Science Society

The GIKI Science society organized their flagship international symposium, International Science and Youth Symposium (ISYS) on the 7th and 8th of January 2022 which featured the pioneers of Pakistan’s future development. The main purpose of the inception of this event was the growth of the students outside their academic life and the obstacles they would have to face stepping into their careers. As the benchmark set by the past events, this year as well the symposium featured prominent public figures who are at the forefront of scientific research, personal development and civil services. The event was graced by the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad, Mr Hamza Shafqaat who spoke about his memorial time at GIK and the responsibilities and honour that comes with a civil services career. Joined by him were the members of the Pakistan Youth Club, Mr. Raja Zia and Mr. Muhammad Ali who shared their wisdom. Dr Ghulam Muhammad Ali who is at the forefront of agricultural research in Pakistan. Many social media icons such as Mr. Qutaiba Mehmood and Mr. Ali Ahmed Awan were also in attendance.

The symposium continued the legacy of delivering an awe-inspiring experience to its audience filled with wisdom, knowledge and many memorable moments. Our official media partners for this event were PTV news and 92 news. The link for the coverage is:

Cultural Photography by Media Club

The diverse and spectacular cultures of Pakistan are a treat for any artist. Using an on-spot theme to highlight the different cultures surrounding them, delegates will present a photo essay implementing their style and creativity, to capture the cultural representation of our country. Media Club Society at GIK Institute organized a cultural photography competition to promote cultural activities on campus.


Road Safety Awareness Seminar

The Student Affairs Department along with Character-Building Society, arranged a Road Safety Awareness Seminar, held on Wednesday 2nd March 2022. The event was coordinated with National Highways & Motorway Police, Pakistan.

In the session the National Highway & Motorway Police Department’s delegate of officers delivered a session on road safety, after which a closing ceremony was conducted. They also arranged a Road Safety Stall in the precincts of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute in which they displayed various policing items that they use in the field.

Besides law enforcement and regulating the road communication system across the country, National Highways & Motorway Police is striving to educate people about the road safety rules to ensure a safe & sound traffic regime on the carriageways. To make the public aware and fill the vacuum, National Highways & Motorway Police is taking the lead as a major public institution.

Tameer-e-Wattan Public Schools & Colleges, Mansehra visit to GIK Institute

Student Affairs Department organized the visit of Tameer-e-Wattan Public Schools & Colleges Mansehra to GIK Institute. A group of about 90 students of 1st & 2nd Year Tameer-e-Wattan Public Schools & Colleges, Mansehra and staff members visited GIK Institute on Wednesday, 28th September 2022. Student wellness Counsellor, Sumira Siddique, Student Affairs Department and Muhammad Sohail Office Assistant Student Affairs Department coordinated, received the guest, and conducted the visit to the Faculties/Departments. A brief introduction of the GIK Institute was given in the AHA Auditorium. They visited each of the faculty and the focal person assigned in each of the faculty briefed the participants about the faculty and the facilities available to educate the students. A meeting with the Rector of GIK Institute was also arranged and shield was given to the head teacher of the Tameer-e-Wattan Public Schools & College, Mansehra.


ASM Summer Gala

American Society of Materials (ASM) under the Student Affairs Department organized an Intra GIK Event “Summer Gala” for the Batch 32 on 22nd September 2022 at GIK Institute Café lawn.

Summer Gala is an event where the batch was enlightened with the campus life in GIKI, along with fun interacting games, food stalls. Some of the fun interacting games included Tug of War, Darts, Ping Pong ball in the cup, Bell Rings, Ludo and Wet Sponge.


Pakistan Flag Hoisting Ceremony on the 75th Independence Day

Rector, Pro-Rectors, Deans, Directors, Faculty and Staff participated in the flag hoisting ceremony on the Diamond Jubilee of Pakistan.


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