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Welcome to the Research and Development portal of the Faculty of Mechanical Department

Our department is dedicated to research and innovation in mechanical engineering, with faculty members engaged in a diverse range of cutting-edge research areas, including Renewable Energy, Sustainable Engineering, Advanced Materials, Manufacturing, Machine Learning,  Robotics, IoTs and Automation.

At FEM, we place a strong emphasis on producing high-quality research that has practical applications in the real world. Our faculty members collaborate with industry partners, government agencies, and academic institutions to advance research and innovation in the field of mechanical engineering.

Please explore our webpage to learn more about the research areas and projects in which our faculty members are engaged. We are committed to advancing the field of mechanical engineering through our research and look forward to sharing our discoveries with the wider community.


The aim of the Institute is to pursue excellence in education and research by developing appropriate curricula and teaching practices, acquiring talented faculty and providing an environment conducive to teaching and learning. It graduates are expected to possess high professional competence combined with the humanistic and moral values envisaged in its profile of the Graduates. The thrust areas are;

  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Thermo-fluid Engineering
  • Dynamics and Control Systems Engineering


Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

GIK Institute signed a memorandum of understanding with Northwestern Polytechnical University, China. Collaboration includes students exchange, faculty exchange, collaborative research and service for the academic exchange in general. This MOU is signed with the efforts of Prof. M. Abid from GIKI and Dr. Qingfeng Zeng from NPU. Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), is a public University located in Xi’an, Shaanxi, People’s Republic of China. It emphasizes in the education and research in aeronautical, astronautically and marine engineering, and is directed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. This university holds about 25,000 students and is among the Top 10 Engineering Schools in China. Its research funding reached as high as RMB 1.67 billion in 2010 (0.26 billion USD), ranking 5th among all universities in China; funding per faculty member ranked 1st. As per QS Ranking in Asia it is at 191-200 position.


International Projects (Completed)

Sponsored by;

  1. Islamic Development Bank
  2. Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
  4. EUROPEAN UNION (Asia-Link)
  5. ASHRAE Technical Committee
National Projects (Completed)

Sponsored by;

  1. Pakistan Science Foundation
  2. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
  3. DoST, KPK
Funded projects are currently in-progress
Sponsored by;
  1. Pakistan Science Foundation [5]
  2. DoST KPK [1]
  3. HEC Pakistan [1]
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