Digital Electronics and Signal Processing Group


The group is working in areas:

  1. The design of electronic circuits for various applications employing off-the-shelf available digital components such as Microcontrollers, Microprocessors etc.
  2. The design of novel architectures to optimally meet specific requirements and their implementation on FPGAs using Verilog HDL.
  3. The design of signal processing algorithms, simulations in Matlab and its real time implementation using DSP Kits or on FPGAs.

FYP, Masters and PhD students are welcome.


Many interesting FYP level projects that can be built around Microcontrollers; Arduino, 8051, PIC, DSP boards/Chips, FPGAs etc are possible. Students are encouraged to discuss their interest with the group faculty members to finalize their FYP topic as early as is possible but not later than the end of the 6th semester. Students can design and build their own processor on an FPGA to meet the requirements of their specific application. A wide range of graduate level research involving study of novel architectures optimized for speed/power to meet real time processing for state-of-the-art applications is possible for MS and PhD students.



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