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Communications and Signal Processing Research Group

Communication and Signal Processing Research (CSPR) group of GIKI conducts research over both fundamental and applied topics. In the applied domain, the group concentrates on the topics including energy efficiency in hybrid mobile and wireless communication networks, 3G and beyond mobile systems, mesh and ad hoc networks, traffic engineering in wireless networks, performance evaluation of communication protocols and networks by analysis and simulation, and quality of service in wireless networks. Theoretical aspects are also explored in the field of signal processing, cognitive radio network, green wireless communication, etc.

For the numerical evaluation of the analytical solutions of the problems researched by the group, softwares like Matlab and Mathematica are used. For the simulation purposes, state-of-the-art simulation softwares like NS3, Glomosim, and OPNET++ are used.

Research Topics

  • Hybrid communication network architectures
  • Communication and networking protocol analysis
  • Mobile-oriented energy-aware handover
  • Network-level power conservation in cellular systems
  • Energy-conservation of mobile stations’ battery
  • Optimization algorithms for signal processing in communication




Graduate Students
  1. PhD Students
    • Aziz ur Rehman (MS/PhD candidate).
    • Fazal Muhammad (PhD candidate).
  2. MS Students
  • Hina (MS candidate).
  • Nosheen Fatima (MS candidate).
  • Bakht Zaman (MS candidate).


PhD thesis (completed)
MS thesis (completed)
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Y. Li, Department of Information and Communication Technology, University of Agder, Norway.
  • Dr. Lei Jiao, Department of Information and Communication Technology, University of Agder, Norway.


Research Publications
Journal Publications
  • Z. H. Abbas and F. Y. Li, “Two Teletraffic-based Schemes for Energy Saving in Cellular Networks with Micro-cells”, accepted for publication in Journal of Communications SI on Improving the Energy Efficiency of Cellular Communications (ISSN 1796-2021), June 2012.
  • Z. H. Abbas and F. Y. Li, “Analysis of Mobile-oriented Energy Consumption for Heterogeneous Connections in Hybrid Wireless Networks”, International Journal of Communication Networks  and Distributed Systems (IJCNDS), , Inderscience Publishers, vol. 9, no. 3/4, pp. 184–204, 2012. Available at
Conference Publications
  • Z. H. Abbas and F. Y. Li, “Energy Optimization in Cellular Networks with Micro-/Pico-cells using Markov Decision Process”, in Proc. 18th European Wireless Conference 2012 (EW 2012), Poznan, Poland, April 2012.
  • Z. H. Abbas and F. Y. Li, “A Novel Teletraffic-based Power Saving Scheme for Cellular Networks with Microcells”, in Proc. 7th IEEE Performance & Management of Wireless and Mobile Networks (P2MNET) Workshop in conjunction with 36th IEEE LCN, Bonn, Germany, October 2011.
  • Z. H. Abbas and F. Y. Li, “A System-level Power Saving Approach for Cellular Networks with

Microcells/Picocells”, in Proc. 2nd Wireless VITAE, Chennai, India, March 2011.

  • Z. H. Abbas and F. Y. Li, “Distance-related Energy Consumption Analysis for Mobile/Relay Stations in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks”, in Proc. 7th IEEE ISWCS, York, UK, Sept. 2010.
  • Z. H. Abbas and F. Y. Li, “Power Consumption Analysis for Mobile Stations in Hybrid Relay-assisted Wireless Networks”, in Proc. 5th IEEE ISWPC, Modena, Italy, May 2010.
  • Z. H. Abbas and F. Y. Li, “A Continuous-Space Analytical Approach for Relay Node Placement in Hybrid Cellular and Ad Hoc Networks”, in Proc. 6th IEEE ISWCS, Siena, Italy, Sept. 2009.
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