Research and Development


Semi Conductors Research Group

Organic Semiconductor Devices and Renewable Energy Resources

Research is going in two areas:

  1. Organic semiconductor devices (sensors of temperature, humidity, light, pressure, displacement and strain).
  2. Renewable energy utilizations (Solar photo-voltaic, solar thermal, Thermoelectric & Photo-thermoelectric Devices, biogas technology, micro-hydropower plants, wind-power technology).

FYP, Masters and PhD students are involved in these projects. During last eight years, 9 PhD students and more than 10 master students have defended their thesis.

Research Topics:

  • Fabrication and investigation of properties of organic semiconductor electromechanical sensors.
  • Organic semiconductor sensors for telemetry applications.
  • Thermoelectric and Photo-thermoelectric Generators/devices for power generation and Modern Instrumentation applications.
  • Fabrication and investigation of Organic Photo-transistor.
  • Optimization, Monitoring and Simulations of PV Systems.
  • Organic Solar cells Fabrication and Characterization by different state of the art techniques.
  • Thermo-Electrochemical Power Sources.
  • Renewable energy: Voltage and Current control of micro hydro power generation.

Honors / Awards / Achievements:

    • 1st position of Taimoor Ali of getting best poster presentation at 13th International Symposium on Advance Material (ISAM).
      Graduate Students (Currently Enrolled):
    • Taimoor Ali, FEE, (MS Student)
    • Amjad Farooq, FEE, (MS Student)
    • Muhammad Zeeshan Rizvi, FEE, (MS Student)
    • Muhammad Mujahid, FEE, (MS Student)
    • Arshad Ali, Energy System Engineering (IF), (MS Student)
    PhD Thesis (Completed):
    1. Syed Abual Moiz, “Temperature-dependent electrical characterization of novel organic semiconductor based diodes for sensor technology”—2005.
    2. Tauseef Ahmed, “Organic semiconductor copper phthalocynainephotoelectric photocapacitive and humidity sensors”— 2007.
    3. Muhammad Saleem, “Investigation of organic materials for the fabrication of electric, electronic and photonic devices”—2010.
    4. Mutbarah Shah, “Fabrication and investigation of nickel phthalocyanine based electronic and optoelectronics devices”—2011.
    5. Imran Murtaza, “Fabrication and electrical characterization of organic semiconductor phthalocyanine-based devices”—2011.
    6. Muhammad Tariq Saeed, Fabrication and investigation of organic and nano materials based sensors”—2012
    7. Fakhira Aziz, “Investigation of electrical and optoelectronic properties of vanadyl phthalocyanine for organic electronic devices”—2012.
    8. Tahseen Amin Khan Qasuria, “Inverstigation of organic semiconductor for the telemetery system application”—2012.
    9. Adam Khan, “Characterization of organic materials for electromechanical sensors”—2013.
    MS Thesis (Completed):
    1. Laiba, “Design and installation of a fixed photovoltic system using an Asymmetrical Reflector”—2005.
    2. Amer Elahi, “Photo-electrical investigations of n-Si/OD/CG and n-Si/OD-VETP/CD electrochemical cells for optoelectronic applications”—2005.
    3. Ali Ghias, Design and Fabrication of Maximum Power Transfer Switch & PWM Controlled Inductor less DC-DC Converter for Cost-efficient Photo-voltaic Systems.”—2007.
    4. Zubair Ahmad, “Fabrication and electrical characterization of Au/CuPc/n-Si/Au heterojunction”—2008.
    5. Tehseen Amin Khan Qasuria, “Investigation of Organic Semiconductor thin film photovoltaic cell using CuPc and NiPc”—2008.
    6. Atif Khan, “Fabrication and investigation of organic semiconductor VO2 (3-fl) based humidity sensors”—2012.
    7. Muhammad Ali, “A cost efficient PV parameters monitoring and data acquisition system”—2012.
    8. Rana Tariq Mehmood Ahmad, “Fabrication and investigation of nickel phthalocyanine based organic photo resistive sensor”—2013.
    9. Muhammad Saad Zahid, “Organic semiconductor based light sensitive field effect transistor”—2013.
    10. Muhammad Mehran Bashir, “Fabrication and investigation of photo-thermoelectric and thermoelectric devices for power generation and instrumentation”—2013.
    11. Aisha Shabbir, “Modeling of available solar energy, optimization and economic analysis of PV (Photovoltaic) solar plants”—2013.
    • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abid, Dean FME, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute.
    • Prof. Dr. Mahroof-Tahir, St.-Cloud State University, USA.
    • Dr. Chong, Associate Prof., Penang University, Malaysia.
    • Dr. M. Khan, Jeddah University, Saudi Arabia
    • Dr. Tariq Saeed Chani, Saudi Arabia
    • Dr. Klarar Hernadi, Hungry University, Hungry.
    Research Publications:
    • Kh. S. Karimov, Muhammad Abid. “Potentialities of biogas technology, Production and utilization of biogas“. ISBN 978-3-639-14806-0. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG. Germany, 2009.
    • Khasan Karimov, Tauseef .Khan Ibrahim Qazi. “Organic Semiconductors Technology and Properties. Multi-functional sensors”, Projektnummer 22163, ISBN 978-3-639-14830-5, VDM Verlag Dr. Müller Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG. Germany, 2009.
    • Kh.S.Karimov, Sh.B.Dikambaev, Muhammad Abid, S.K.Turusbekov, E.S.Bogombaev, A.G.Vedenev,” Production and utilization of biogas”, Publishing Center “Avangard”, Bishkek,2009, 75 pages, ISBN 978-9967-432-29-1.
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    • Kh.S.Karimov, Kh.M.Akhmedov. “Micro-hydropower engineering”. ISBN 978-99947-38-57-1, Donish, Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 2010.(In Russian).
    • Khasan Karimov, Muhammad Abid. “Organic Semiconductor Electromechanical Sensors. Pressure, Displacement and Strain Sensors.ISBN: 978-3-639-33003-8, VDM Verlag Dr.Muller GmbH & Co.KG Dudweiler Landstr. 99, 66123 Saarbrucken, Deutschland, 2011.
     Journal Publications (Selected):
    1. Kh.S. Karimov, Muhammad Tariq Saeed Chania, Fazal Ahmad Khalid, Adam Khan, Rahim Khan, Carbon nanotubes-cuprous oxide composite based pressure sensors. Accepted by Chinese Physics B, 2011.
    2. M.Tariq Saeed, F.Ahmad Khalid, Kh. S. Karimov , M. Shah,”Organic Cu/Cellulose/ PEPC/Cu Humidity Sensor”,OAM-RC vol. 4 iss. 6/2010, p. 888-892.
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    7. Kh. S. Karimov, M. Saleem, Z. M. Karieva, Adam Khan, T. A. Qasuari and A. Mateen. “CNT Based Pressure Sensor” is accepted for publication in Physica Scripta in 2011..
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    9. Kh. S.Karimov, M. Tariq Saeed, F. A. Khalid and Z.M. Karieva, “Photoconductive properties of organic-inorganic Ag/p-CuPc/n-GaAs/Ag cell”, Accepted by J.of Semiconductors (2011).
    10. Kh. S. Karimov, M. Abid, M. Mahroof-Tahir, M. Saleem, Adam Khan, Z. M. Karieva, M. Farooq. V2O4-PEPC composite based pressure sensor”,  Microelectronic Engineering, 88 (2011),1037-1041.
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     Conference Publications (Selected):
    1. Taimoor Ali, Kh. S. Karimov, Resistance Temperature Sensitivity Zn/orange dye aqueous solution/carbon cell Presented in International Symposium on Advanced Materials (ISAM) 2013.
    2. M. Saleem, Kh.S.Karimov, Muhammad Tariq Saeed, Resistance strain sensors based on quasi-one-dimension Ph3MeP (TCNQ)2 crystals1st Saudi International Electronics, Communications and Photonics Conference, April 23-26, 2011, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
    3. Muhammad Tariq Saeed, Kh.S. Karimov, F. Ahmad Khalid, M. Farooq , A study of V2O4-PEPC composite based resistance temperature sensors. 1st Saudi International Electronics, Communications and Photonics Conference, April 23-26, 2011, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
    4. Kh.S.Karimov, T.A.Qasuria, Zubair Ahmad.” Impedance Hygrometer based on Natural Organic Material “. Proc. Of the 9th WSEAS International Conference on Applications of Electrical Engineering, ISBN: 978-960-474-171-7. March, 2010, Penang, Malaysia, pp.35-39.
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    7. Kh. S. Karimov, M.A.Ghias, M.J.Mughal “ Photo-Voltaic system with Load Controller for Maximum Power Transfer” (ICoSM2007) Malaysia.
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