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  1. GMS

GMS is the first ever Mathematics Society in an Engineering Institute in Pakistan. It aims to develop enthusiasm about Mathematics in students and encourage them to contribute to Mathematical sciences.

It also aims to equip students with necessary talents and basis for Mathematical modeling and simulations for their engineering problems.


AIESEC in GIKI started after a lot of effort and dedication and was sustained through remarkable young leaders who wanted to carry on the self-driven experience AIESEC has provided them with to their counterparts in Ghulam Ishaq Institute. It originated as an expansion initiative from its parent branch – AIESEC in Islamabad after sheer hardwork on the students part. It has then gone on from strength to strength, establishing a concrete name for itself in the AIESEC network, and graduating onto the status of an Official Expansion.
AIESEC in GIKI has engaged multiple students both inside and outside of the university, providing them with both leadership oppurtunities and life-altering exchange programs. It has flowered into a respected entity of AIESEC Pakistan.

  1. LDS

Much has been said about our strong traditions, our excellent pedigree, the glory of our history. These are the undeniable facts: the list of Quaid-e-Azam medalists is populated almost exclusively by LDS alumni; these same alumni have spread far out into the globe, to the pinnacle of academic and industrial achievement; we’ve produced debaters par excellence, legendary speakers whose wit has become immortalized on national television, in debating halls across the country, and in some bright sparks, across the global debating community.

What is it about LDS that brings out the best in people? The answer to that question is easy. We, as a society, believe in the power of reason. We argue, we lacerate, and yet we communicate. We accept diversity and encourage opinions, we cherish inflaming conversations and absolutely love off-kilter references. For all that, our members emerge as competent, well-rounded human beings, perfectly capable of communicating our unique selves to the world and inordinately eager to accept the strange, the new and the wonderful into ourselves.

So if you have an interesting story or a good joke, or if you love Joyce or Nietzsche or Dostoevsky or Kafka, or if you really dig Tool’s lyrics, or the poetry in Bob Dylan’s verse, or if Godard or Christopher Nolan reached into your soul, and most importantly, if you like talking (or would like to learn to talk) about all of these things, come see us…


  1. ASME

GIKI has an approved student chapter of ASME International. This society aims at the professional development of the students so that they are better equipped to meet the challenges of the modern times. They are given an opportunity to explore the exciting new developments in the field of engineering. In addition members of the society receive monthly magazine and newsletter published by ASME International.

  1. CDES

What is CDES? It is the oldest and the most prestigious student societies at GIK Institute. It has entered into the 20th year of its successful reign and is upholding its legacy. It deals with providing the youth of Pakistan a platform to discover their talent and utilize it in practical life. Promoting cultures, bridging gaps between various social and ethnic groups, creating awareness about intricate and sensitive issues and providing quality entertainment to the audience, is what we strive for.

The CDES follows the philosophy of propagating knowledge in the form of art and considers it a responsibility to share with others

  1. IEEE

  1. NAQSH

The Naqsh Art Society at GIK Institute has been working for the promotion of both vfine and performing arts since the past decade. The society hosts events like Color Festival, Mimes, Art Night & the most anticipated All Pakistan Arts & Fashion Festival . Naqsh has always expanded its horizons to newer domains of Arts providing a platform for all Art Lovers to do what they love.

  1. ASM/TMS

American Society of Materials (ASM) – GIKI chapter is a student run society registered with the international forum of materials engineering. With more then 60 members , ASM is undoubtedly one of the most prominent society with in Giki . ASM has the prestige of organizing Mattech , Which is an all Pakistan event for promotion of Materials Sciences and Engineering. ASM also regularly organizes lectures and seminars and also conducts Deans Honour Roll and New Batch welcome.

  1. ACM

Considering the success of the programming events and growth of IT industry in Pakistan, in 2000 GIKI’s ACM-GIKI Chapter society started hosting an All Pakistan SOFTCOM. In the spring of 2000, SOFTCOM was the biggest IT event of Pakistan. It was a big milestone in Pakistan’s IT history as an event of this genre at this large scale was inconceivable before it. Since then there was no turning back. The following years after its establishment ACM-GIK organized numerous intra GIK and All Pakistan IT events attended by IT gurus and IT ministers. ACM GIK also collaborated with various multi-national companies and research and development organizations. ACM-GIK then moved on to bridging the gap between industry and students and collaborated with various software houses for the purpose.

  1. SPIE

SPIE is an international society advancing an interdisciplinary approach to the science and application of light. SPIE, an international society for optics and photonics, was founded in 1955 to advance light-based technologies. Serving approximately 180,000 constituents from more than 170 countries, the Society has advanced emerging technologies through interdisciplinary information exchange, continuing education, publications, patent precedent, and career and professional growth. SPIE GIKI Chapter was recognized in 2010 as the official chapter of the international SPIE force and currently has 31 international members. As an emerging society, the SPIE GIKI chapter is the growing legacy of those who seek to learn, discover and innovate by creating, promoting and sustaining a multifaceted platform for Photonics, Photo-optics and Instrumentation. The GIKI chapter has also strong associations with both indigenous and foreign companies and academic/technical collaborations through numerous seminars and workshop. Regular visits and tours, to some of the latest engineering complexes, are conducted to facilitate hands-on experience.

  1. Science Society

The GIKI Science Society is one of the most active societies in Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology.

The main objective of GIKI Science Society is to blend entertainment and extra curricular activities with a slight dose of science so to promote general knowledge about science in a light hearted manner. The Science Society basically deals with all the implications and applied activities that involve any kind of basic sciences (physics, maths, chemistry and computers). In order to implement these activities as a significant role in the extra curricular activities of GIKI, an aspect of entertainment has to be added in order to innovate these activities. The objective is to explore the talent of Gikians in the field of science. We believe that by developing the culture of discovery and exploration, the Gikians can not only reach the pinnacle of their intellectual capacities, and become the best engineers that they can be, but they can make the country proud of them.

The endeavors of science society in this regard have been very fruitful as it has conducted a series of events like, All Pakistan Science Fair, Science Marathon, Science Kasoty, Astronomy night, invention contest, Quiz La’ Cafe and Eureka. Overall GIKI Science Society, in the GIKI extra curricular scenario has created a niche for itself in very less time.

  1. WES

Women Engineering Society is an organisation to cater and support women in engineering.

  1. IET

Institute of Engineering and Technology, GIKI Chapter was found in 2005 with the desire to bridge the gap between industry and the academia. Over the past six years, IET GIKI Chapter has emerged as the largest technical society in GIKI and has provided numerous platforms to students and professionals all over Pakistan to exhibit their technical and non-technical skills, and would continue to do so through: IET is the only society in GIKI which organizes business launch competitions. 1. All Pakistan Engineering Conference 2. All Pakistan Business Festival 4. Organizing workshops on Professional Software packages such as SAP 5.Organizing workshops on Technical Softwares such as Matlab, Simulink, Multisim, Solidworks. 6. Establishing Technology Incubation Centers


  1. AIAA

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) – GIK Institute Chapter is a prominent technical society at GIK Institute.

American Institute Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) – GIK Institute Chapter aspires to equip students with comprehension of the contemporary field of aeronautics and astronautics. In its pursuit of its goal to furnish the students with progressive developments in the field, it holds events ranging from Intra-GIK Institute competitions to All Pakistan contests as well as workshops emphasizing on the subjects in AIAA’s domain.

  1. AIChE

Technical society and arranging series of events and extra-curricular activities at GIKI.


One of the largest technical societies of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute, NETRONiX operates as a networking and gaming society, controlling and maintaining the entire network of the institute.
Founded in a hostel room where a group of students created a LAN network to play games together on a small server, NETRONiX eventually expanded and evolved to become the gaming hub of GIKI, promoting esports on campus and beyond it as well. NETRONiX also took control of the institute’s network.

Currently, NETRONiX has over 80 members working tirelessly to keep the esport culture alive in GIKI and ensuring that the campus residents receive persistent internet.

NETRONiX aims to provide a platform to students to enable them to grow beyond the domains of lecture halls. We provide a safe and lively hub to the gamers of Pakistan and aim to connect the gamer community across Pakistan

  1. Web Team

  1. GSS

The GIKI Sports Society (GSS), one of the oldest and also the one of most anticipated societies here at GIKI, has a strong backing of fervent and passionate supporters. It was established by the first batch to provide students with an opportunity to strike a balance between academics and physical fitness. GSS is one of the most dynamic societies and regularly holds various indoors and outdoors events within GIKI for both male and female students. The GSS also has the privilege of being one of the founding members of the very successful inter-Pakistan universities sports association. This allows GIKI to compete with other prestigious universities from all over Pakistan – the main fixtures being between GIKI and teams from LUMS, FAST, UOL, BNU and Bahria.

  1. Project Topi

Project Topi is a Student-run Non Governmental, Non Profit voluntary organization at Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute Of Engineering Sciences and Technolog… 

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The organization is based primarily in Topi village of District Swabi in the KPK province of Pakistan; hence, the name. Project Topi tries to contribute towards the well being of people living in the Topi village and the surrounding areas through a group of committed volunteers wholly from within the student body of GIKI. Project Topi contributes mainly in the areas of education, health and employment for the betterment of people in Topi and surrounding villages.

  1. SMEP

  1. Media Club

MediaClub is one of the institute’s largest societies. It provides the students of GIKI with a platform to use media and photography as means of expressing ideas. It helps students enhance their non-scholastic skills by conducting events like Multimedia Software Workshops, Movie-Making Competitions and Game Shows. Its body consists of the Photography Club, Desktop Publishing and the Vision Club. The Photography Club teaches the students the basic skills of photography and trains them further in this field. MediaClub gives students a chance to showcase their skills and talents, based on these domains, through in-house projects like GIKI’s Got Talent, GIKI Vines, Documentaries and Short Films. MediaClub is also a host to an annual event by the name of All-Pakistan MediaFest. Its modules are based on photography, videography, and graphic design. It is one of the most populous events at the institute. MediaClub has done a lot for the promotion of the GIK Institute. MediaClub provides exclusive coverage to the institute’s events such as Annual Open House and the Convocation. Moreover, we provide photographic/video coverage for All-Pakistan events of other societies.

  1. GIK Sports Society

The GIKI Sports Society (GSS), one of the oldest and also one of the most anticipated societies here at GIKI, has a strong backing of fervent and passionate supporters. It was established by the first batch to provide students with an opportunity to strike a balance between academics and physical fitness. GSS is one of the most dynamic societies and regularly holds various indoor and outdoor events within GIKI for both male and female students. The GSS also has the privilege of being one of the founding members of the very successful inter-Pakistan universities sports association. This allows GIKI to compete with other prestigious universities from all over Pakistan – the main fixtures being between GIKI and teams from LUMS, FAST, UOL, BNU and Bahria.

  1. CBS

A society aiming to instill an admirable sense of character in the student body of GIKI.

  1. IMEChE

IMechE GIK Chapter is a nonprofit, independent, student run society which believes in improving the

  1. LES

The society that focuses on development of the student and make him/her ready for life after graduation.


  1. ICE
  2. Team Infinity

Formula GIK Team Infinity is the first student based Formula Student team of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) established back in 2015 with an aim to excel and prove its mettle in building Formula Student car and competing in IMeche’s FSUK (Formula Student United Kingdom) competition. A team comprising of students of sheer determination and exceptional abilities from interdisciplinary engineering provides a platform to enhance one’s passion towards practical application of engineering and experience new horizons of modern day technology. After a collective performance and effort of hours, Team Infinity took part in Static Event (Concept Class) of FSUK 2021 and achieved some significant place in the Formula Student realm. With a future aim to develop, design and formulate a single-seat prototype for FSUK competition’s Dynamic Class, Formula GIK Team Infinity looks forward to avail opportunities and gather a distinguish spot. Having a will power to cross financial and sponsorship hurdles, Formula GIK Team Infinity has the capability to make everything possible and make its dream come true.

  1. Team Techno Bolt

Team Technobolt is a Robotics team based in GIK Institute, it participates in various national Robot compeitions

  1. Team Invictas-AIAA

The GIK Institute’s Team Invictus is a student led team that designs and fabricates aeronautically challenging RC aircrafts. Every year, the team competes in the AIAA DBFC, where they showcase an RC aircraft that best matches a set mission profile. Invictus has been Pakistan’s sole representative at this competition for the past 12 years. In 2021, Invictus secured its best result till now, securing 18th position worldwide, whilst ranking second in Asia. The team also secured its best position in the proposal phase, of 2nd overall among 140 international teams. The team is also heavily involved in promoting the RC airplane flying hobby in Pakistan by encouraging the youth to build their interest in the field of aeronautics.

  1. Team Urban

Continuing the tradition of GIKI, with new spirit instilled, Team Urban participated in the Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2016 in the Urban Gasoline Category and clinched 7th position. In 2017, Team Urban was the only team from Pakistan in urban category to hit the track, In 2021, Team Urban came as runner up in the Shell Eco-marathon Pakistan.

  1. Team Hammer Head

Continuing the tradition of GIKI, with new spirit instilled, Team Hammerhead Arc participated in the Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2014 in the Prototype Battery Electric Category and clinched 6th position.

  1. Team Foxtrot

Team Foxtrot is a student-based team from GIKI. The team won the ‘Highest New Entrant Award’ in 2019

  1. Urdu Debate Team-LDS
  2. English Debate Team-LDS
  3. GIK Consulting Group-LES
  4. Team Bitgrit-NETRONIX
  6. Team Green Energy Development-IET

This Team is all about Green Energy Development. The objective of this team is to reduce the future

  1. Team Rocket Engineering Team-AIAA

GIKI Rocket Engineering Team, otherwise known as GIKI Projectiles, is a team of undergraduate students based in Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology. Our aim is to promote rocketry and space exploration in Pakistan. 

We are a group of highly motivated engineering students based in Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology. We specialize in engineering model rockets and aim to promote rocketry in Pakistan. GIKI Rocket Engineering Team proudly represents GIK Institute and Pakistan at Spaceport America Cup – an international rocketry competition annually held in New Mexico, US

  1. Team Chem E Car-AIChE
  2. Microsoft Club GIKI-ACM

  1. LDS Team Tribe
  2. Team Swift – AIAA

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