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Universities in Pakistan are playing a significant role in the overall progress of the country. Their significance lies not only in providing degrees, but also in producing quality human resources for various sectors of the economy. To achieve this goal, Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) has shaped some guidelines to appraise the quality of education in Pakistan, making it accessible and more relevant to the ever-changing circumstances and global needs. GIKI is the first privately funded Institute of its kind in Pakistan, dedicated to bringing Engineering Education at par with the advanced countries. The Engineering programs of the Institute are accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and implement internal quality benchmarks to enhance academic teaching and learning. The Institute is keen to strengthen its monitoring standards to remain comparable with the competitive international education and research standards. It follows strict guidelines to assess its quality of education, and the establishment of the Quality Enhancement Cell at GIKI (in accordance with Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission (HEC)’ Guidelines is another step in this direction.


The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) was established on 20 February 2008 at Rectors Secretariat in the H.U. Beg Administration Building of the Institute. This site provides information and guidance about the Cell and the Institute’s quality assurance procedures and processes of teaching, learning and assessment in line with the HEC Quality Assurance Manual The Cell is responsible for undertaking various assignments to create awareness, impart training and carry out various tasks for Quality Assurance in teaching and education. During Phase 1 of its inception, the QEC selected five programs of the Institute for a self assessment exercise to identify programmatic/institutional strengths and weaknesses and to take appropriate measures in this regard.

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Contact Us

M. Wisal Khalil

Director QEC

Ph: 0938 281026 ext. 2261

Email: wisal@giki.edu.pk


Dr. Asad Mahmood

Assistant Professor / Coordinator

Ph: 0938 281026 ext. 2285

Email: asad.mahmood@giki.edu.pk


Ms. Gul Afroze

Assistant Director QEC

Ph: 0938 281026 ext. 2411

Email: gulafroze@giki.edu.pk


Mr. Afsar Zaman

Data Analyst QEC

Ph: 0938 281026 ext. 2711

Email: afsar@giki.edu.pk

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