Dr. Usman Habib

Ext: 2290
Office: GS-26 (FES)

Dr. Usman Habib

Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D Electronic Engineering (University of Kent, UK)     Dec 2018
  • MS    Electrical Engineering (UET Taxila, Pakistan)         Aug 2013
  • BS     Electrical Engineering (UET Peshawar, Pakistan)  Aug 2009


    • Research Officer (DSP Centre of Excellence, UK)
    • Postdoctoral Researcher (KAIST, South Korea)
    • Assistant Professor (Preston University, Pakistan)
    • Assistant Lecturer (University of Kent, UK)
    • Assistant Manager (Maritime Tech Complex, NESCOM, Pakistan)

Research Interests: Photonic and Electronic Systems

    • Optoelectronics (LEDs/LDs/Photodetectors/Solar Cells)
    • Physical Layer Communication Systems (Optical/mmW/microwave)
    • Electric Vehicles (Design of Motor, Controller, BMS, Fast Charger)

HEC Approved PhD Supervisor

Associate fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK

Electric Vehicle Group

Design, simulation and development of

  • Battery Management System
  • BLDC Motor Controller
  • Thermal Management System

in partnership with

  • National Institute of Electronics (https://nie.gov.pk/Automotive/Automotive_Lab.php)
  • DICE Foundation (http://dicefoundation.org/dice-electric-car)
  • Taraz Technologies (https://www.taraztechnologies.com/pelab/)


Optoelectronics Research Group

The main research area(s) of Optoelectronics Research Group include:

Modeling, simulation, and experimental characterization of optoelectronic devices including transmitters (LED, LD, VCSEL), Modulators (MZM, Phase Modulator), Receivers (pin photodiode, avalanche photodiode), Solar cells (heterojunction, perovskite, quantum dot).


  • Dr. Usman Habib (usman.habib@giki.edu.pk) (Group Lead)
  • Mrs. Nadia Anwar (PhD student) (ges2156@giki.edu.pk)
  • Ms. Syeda Wageeha Shakir (MS student) (ges2323@giki.edu.pk)
  • Ms. Iqra Anjum (MS student) (ges2319@giki.edu.pk)
  • Ms. Anum Ali (MS student) (ges2317@giki.edu.pk)

Supervised Postgraduate Student:

  • Mrs. Nadia Anwar (PhD in-progress with research on Perovskite solar cells and Photodetectors)
  • S. Wageeha Shakir (MS in-progress with research on UV LDs)
  • Iqra Anjum (MS in-progress) with research on IR LEDs)
  • Anum Ali (MS in-progress with research on Red LEDs)

Selected Publications

  • U. Habib. A.E. Aighobahi, T. Quinlan and N.J. Gomes, “Analog RoF Supported Increased RAU Spacing for 60GHz Distributed MIMO employing Spatial Diversity and Multiplexing”, IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology (IEEE Journal, I.F 4.2), Vol. 36 (19), April 2018, pp. 4354-4360.
  • U. Habib, M. Steeg, A. Stohr and N.J.Gomes, “Single RoF link and RF chain based 60GHz Multi-beam Transmission”, IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology (IEEE Journal, I.F 4.2), Vol. 37 (9), Jan 2019, pp.1974-1980.
  • U. Habib, B.G. Kim and Y.C.Chung, “RF-chirp phase dither for MPI mitigation in RoF-based 5G mobile fronthaul networks”, Optics Express, (OSA Journal, I.F 3.7), Vol. 28(21), Aug 2020, pp.32002-32009.
  • Wang, U. Habib, Z. Yan, J. Wang, N.J. Gomes, Q. Sui, L. Zhan and C. Wang, “Highly Efficient Optical Beam Steering Using an In-Fiber Diffraction Grating for Full Duplex Indoor Optical Wireless Communication”, IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology (IEEE Journal, I.F 4.2), Vol. 36 (19), April 2018, pp. 4618-4625
  • Irfan, U. Habib, F. Muhammad, F. Ali, A.S. Alwadie and W. Glowacz, “Optical-Interference Mitigation in Visible Light Communication for Intelligent Transport Systems Applications”, MDPI Energies (ISI, SCIE, IET Inspec indexed IF 2.7),, Vol. 13(19), 2020, p.5064.
  • I Ahmad, S Ullah, S Ullah, U Habib, S Ahmad, A Ghaffar, “Design and Analysis of a Photonic Crystal Based Planar Antenna for THz Applications”, MDPI Electronics (IET, JCR, Scopus, SCI I.F 2.41, Vol. 10 (16), Aug 2021, pp.1941
  • Ali, M. Fazal, U. Habib, M. Yusuf and M. Usman, “Modeling and Minimization of FWM Effects in DWDM based Long-Haul Optical Communication Systems”, Photonic Network Communications Journal (Springer), JCR, Scopus, SCI I.F 1.125, Vol. 39 (4), August 2020.

Courses Taught:

  • Selected Topics in Photonics Engineering (ES698) – Graduate Course
  • Optoelectronics (ES474)
  • Introduction to Photonics (ES334) with lab (ES334L)
  • Electrical Network Analysis (EE212/ES214)
  • Circuit Analysis (EE211/ES211) with lab (ES211L)
  • Differential Equation and Linear Algebra (MT102)
  • Calculus II (MT201)
  • Calculus I  (MT101)

Selected Final Year Projects:

  • Design of Motor Controller and Optical Sensor Network for EVs (2022/23, Won Faculty’s 1st Prize at the Industrial Open House 2023). Project was done in collaboration with NIE and DICE Foundation.
  • Performance Analysis of NOMA-based OFDM-Visible Light Communication System (2023/24)
  • Blind Equalization of OFDM based Radio-over-fiber transmission (2023/24)
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