Dr. Usman Habib

Ext: 2290
Office: GS-26 (FES)

Dr. Usman Habib

Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D Electronic Engineering (University of Kent, UK)     Dec 2018
  • MS    Electrical Engineering (UET Taxila, Pakistan)         Aug 2013
  • BS     Electrical Engineering (UET Peshawar, Pakistan)  Aug 2009


    • Research Officer (DSP Centre of Excellence, UK)
    • Postdoctoral Researcher (KAIST, South Korea)
    • Assistant Professor (Preston University, Pakistan)
    • Assistant Lecturer (University of Kent, UK)
    • Assistant Manager (Maritime Tech Complex, NESCOM, Pakistan)

Research Interests: Photonic and Electronic Systems

    • Optoelectronics (LEDs/LDs/Photodetectors/Solar Cells)
    • Physical Layer Communication Systems (Optical/mmW/microwave)
    • Electric Vehicles (Design of Motor, Controller, BMS, Fast Charger)

HEC Approved PhD Supervisor

Associate fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK


Optoelectronics Research Group

The main research area(s) of Optoelectronics Research Group include:

Modeling, simulation, and experimental characterization of optoelectronic devices including transmitters (LED, LD, VCSEL), Modulators (MZM, Phase Modulator), Receivers (pin photodiode, avalanche photodiode), Solar cells (heterojunction, perovskite, quantum dot).


  • Dr. Usman Habib (usman.habib@giki.edu.pk) (Group Lead)
  • Dr. Nasir Javed (nasir.javed@giki.edu.pk)
  • Mrs. Nadia Anwar (PhD student) (ges2156@giki.edu.pk)
  • Ms. Syeda Wageeha Shakir (MS student) (ges2323@giki.edu.pk)
  • Ms. Iqra Anjum (MS student) (ges2319@giki.edu.pk)
  • Ms. Anum Ali (MS student) (ges2317@giki.edu.pk)


Supervised Postgraduate Student:

  • Mrs. Nadia Anwar (PhD in-progress with research on Perovskite solar cells and Photodetectors)
  • S. Wageeha Shakir (MS in-progress with research on UV LDs)
  • Iqra Anjum (MS in-progress) with research on IR LEDs)
  • Anum Ali (MS in-progress with research on Red LEDs)

Selected Publications

  • U. Habib. A.E. Aighobahi, T. Quinlan and N.J. Gomes, “Analog RoF Supported Increased RAU Spacing for 60GHz Distributed MIMO employing Spatial Diversity and Multiplexing”, IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology (IEEE Journal, I.F 4.2), Vol. 36 (19), April 2018, pp. 4354-4360.
  • U. Habib, M. Steeg, A. Stohr and N.J.Gomes, “Single RoF link and RF chain based 60GHz Multi-beam Transmission”, IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology (IEEE Journal, I.F 4.2), Vol. 37 (9), Jan 2019, pp.1974-1980.
  • U. Habib, B.G. Kim and Y.C.Chung, “RF-chirp phase dither for MPI mitigation in RoF-based 5G mobile fronthaul networks”, Optics Express, (OSA Journal, I.F 3.7), Vol. 28(21), Aug 2020, pp.32002-32009.
  • Wang, U. Habib, Z. Yan, J. Wang, N.J. Gomes, Q. Sui, L. Zhan and C. Wang, “Highly Efficient Optical Beam Steering Using an In-Fiber Diffraction Grating for Full Duplex Indoor Optical Wireless Communication”, IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology (IEEE Journal, I.F 4.2), Vol. 36 (19), April 2018, pp. 4618-4625
  • Irfan, U. Habib, F. Muhammad, F. Ali, A.S. Alwadie and W. Glowacz, “Optical-Interference Mitigation in Visible Light Communication for Intelligent Transport Systems Applications”, MDPI Energies (ISI, SCIE, IET Inspec indexed IF 2.7),, Vol. 13(19), 2020, p.5064.
  • I Ahmad, S Ullah, S Ullah, U Habib, S Ahmad, A Ghaffar, “Design and Analysis of a Photonic Crystal Based Planar Antenna for THz Applications”, MDPI Electronics (IET, JCR, Scopus, SCI I.F 2.41, Vol. 10 (16), Aug 2021, pp.1941
  • Ali, M. Fazal, U. Habib, M. Yusuf and M. Usman, “Modeling and Minimization of FWM Effects in DWDM based Long-Haul Optical Communication Systems”, Photonic Network Communications Journal (Springer), JCR, Scopus, SCI I.F 1.125, Vol. 39 (4), August 2020.

Courses Taught:

  • Selected Topics in Photonics Engineering (ES698) – Graduate Course
  • Optoelectronics (ES474)
  • Introduction to Photonics (ES334) with lab (ES334L)
  • Electrical Network Analysis (EE212/ES214)
  • Circuit Analysis (EE211/ES211) with lab (ES211L)
  • Differential Equation and Linear Algebra (MT102)
  • Calculus II (MT201)
  • Calculus I  (MT101)

Selected Final Year Projects:

  • Design of Motor Controller and Optical Sensor Network for EVs (2022/23, Won Faculty’s 1st Prize at the Industrial Open House 2023). Project was done in collaboration with NIE and DICE Foundation.
  • Performance Analysis of NOMA-based OFDM-Visible Light Communication System (2023/24, in progress)
  • Blind Equalization of OFDM based Radio-over-fiber transmission (2023/24, in progress)
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