Syed Aizaz Haider

Aizaz Haider
+92-938-281026 (Ext. 2110)
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Syed Aizaz Haider



M.Sc. in Civil Engineering

Swanson School of Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, USA

M.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Geotech.)

Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, South Korea.

Thesis Title: GIS-ANN-based tunneling and deep excavation induced sinkhole risk assessment system.

B.Sc. In Geological Engineering Engineering 

University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan

Thesis Title: Shallow Subsurface Investigation using Geophysical & Geotechnical Techniques, an Evaluation in UET Lahore

Research Interests:

Geotechnical Engineering, Rock Engineering, Tunneling & Excavation, Climate change impact on Geotechnical Infrastructure, Applications of ANN & GIS in Geotechnical Engineering.

Selected Publications

  1. Development of AI-based Prediction and Assessment Program for Tunnelling Impact.
  2. Artificial intelligence (AI)-based deep excavation-induced program.
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