Sadia Bakhtiar
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Sadia Bakhtiar


Qualifications: MS Mechatronics Engineering
Research Interests: Energy Harvesting based on fluid flow, Analytical Modelling, Electromagnetic and Piezoelectric Transduction.


MS in Mechatronics Engineering                         2018

University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar

BS in Mechatronics Engineering                          2012

University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar

Professional Experience

Lecturer at Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology Topi, Pakistan.

2020- Present

Lab Engineer at CECOS University of IT and Emerging Sciences Peshawar, Pakistan.


Research Interests

Sadia Bakhtiar’s research interest includes energy harvesting which includes harvesting through different means. Fabrication of energy harvesting devices to harvest electrical power can be utilized as a power source. Besides analytical modeling of such prototypes is done by Sadia for validation. Application areas includes: powering wireless sensor nodes for condition monitoring of pipelines, health monitoring, assets and infrastructure monitoring etc. Current research involves working towards the development of energy harvesters based on piezoelectric effect and hybrid devices for enhancing the output power.


S. Bakhtiar and F. U. Khan, “Analytical Modeling and Simulation of an Electromagnetic Energy Harvester for Pulsating Fluid Flow in Pipeline,” The Scientific World Journal, vol. 2019, Article ID 5682517, 2019.
Sadia Bakhtiar and Farid Ullah Khan, “Energy harvesting from pulsating fluid flow for pipeline monitoring systems”, 2019 IEEE Symposium on Recent Advances in Electrical Engineering (RAEE 2019) PIEAS Islamabad, Pakistan, August 28-29, 2019.
M Tahir Khan, S Hussain, S Bakhtiar, A Zeb Khan, S Javed, J Iqbal, “Fault detection in robot sensors using negative selection algorithm”, 2014 9th International Conference on Computer Science & Education, Vancouver, BC, Canada 22-24 Aug, 2014.
Sadia Bakhtiar and Farid Ullah Khan, “Time Response and Damping Ratios Investigation of Flow Based Electromagnetic Energy Harvester” (Submitted)
Sadia Bakhtiar and Farid Ullah Khan, “Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting from Pressure Fluctuations of Fluid Flow in Pipelines” (Submitted)


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