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Prof. Dr. F. Ahmad Khalid, Sitara-i-Imtiaz

Rector, Professor


BSc (Engineering) 1980
University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore

CEng (London)
PEng (PEC)
LL.B. 1985, Islamia College, Karachi University

D.Phil. 1991
University of Oxford, UK.

Research Interests: 

Research in processing and characterization of materials, nanomaterials & nanotechnology.

Representative Publications

Accumulative Impact Factor = 126.28

  • Khalid, F.A., and Edmonds, D.V., “Observations Concerning Transformation Interfaces in Steels”, J. Acta Met. & Mat., vol. 41, (1993), pp.3421-3434.
  • Khalid, F.A., and Edmonds, D.V., “Effect of Vanadium on the Grain Boundary Carbide Nucleation of Pearlite in High- Carbon Steels”, J. Scripta Met. et Mat. vol. 30, (1994), pp.1251-1255.
  • Khalid, F.A., Goldthorpe, B.D. and Edmonds, D.V., “Deformation Substructure of Explosively Shocked Polycrystalline Iron”, J. Mat. Eng. and Performance, vol. 5, (1996), pp.23-26.
  • Khalid, F.A., Hussain, N., and Shahid, K.A., “Microstructural Characteristics of High Temperature Oxidation in Nickel Base Superalloy”, J. Mat. Eng. and Performance ASM, vol. 6, (1997), pp.219-222.
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