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Engr. Najam Us Saqib
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Najam us Saqib Fraz



M.S Civil Engineering

Research Interests:

Water Resource Engineering, Open Channel Flow, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Remote Sensing and GIS, Hydraulic Structures.

Selected Publications

Journal & Conference Papers Contributions (Cumulative Impact Factor 6.65)

1. Faraz, N.S., Aziz, T. (2023). Estimation of Water Crop Productivity of Wheat using EFFLUX-METRIC Data for District Nawab Shah. Journal of Agricultural Research, 60 (1), 77-82.(HEC-Recognized)

2. Fraz, N.S. (2022). Numerical Simulation of Stepped Spillways Using FLOW 3D. National Conference on Civil Engineering.

3. Majeed, U., Saqib, N. U., & Akbar, M. (2022). Numerical analysis of energy dissipator options using

computational fluid dynamics modeling — a case study of Mirani Dam. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 15,1614. (IF 1.91)

4. Saqib Nu, Akbar M, Pan H, Ou G.(2022) .Numerical investigation of pressure profiles and energy dissipation across the stepped spillway having curved treads using FLOW 3D.Arabian Journal of Geosciences, (IF 1.91)

5. Saqib Nu, Saeed F, Aziz T. (2022). Effect of Man-made Structures on Natural Wetlands in Pakistan: A Case Study of Chotiari Reservoir. Journal Clean WAS, 6(1): 01-04. (HEC-Recognized)

6. Saqib Nu, Akbar M, Pan H, Ou G, Mohsin M, Ali A, Amin A. Numerical Analysis of Pressure Profiles and

Energy Dissipation across Stepped Spillways Having Curved Risers. Applied Sciences. 2022; 12(1):448. (IF 2.83)

7. Faraz, N.S., Ansari, K.,Babar,M. (2021). Analysis of Pressure Profiles and Energy Dissipation across the

stepped Spillways having Curved Treads using Computational Fluid Dynamics. International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering.

8. Javid, M. A., & Faraz, N. S. (2017). Understanding the behavior of young drivers in relation to traffic safety aspects in Lahore. Pakistan Journal of Science, 69(1), 144. (HEC- Recognized)

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