Muhammad Saqib
+92 938 271858
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Muhammad Saqib


Qualifications: MS Electrical Engineering
Research Interests: MEMS based Inertial Sensors and Actuators, Micro and nanofabrication

Research Publications

  • M. Saqib*, M. Mubasher Saleem, N. Mazhar, S. Awan, and U. Shahbaz Khan, “Design and Analysis of a High-Gain and Robust Multi-DOF Electro-thermally Actuated MEMS Gyroscope,” Micromachines, vol. 9, p. 577, 2018. (I.F=2.222)
  • M. Saqib*, M. Mubasher Saleem, N. Mazhar, S. Awan, and M. Rehman (2018) ” Design and Modeling of Robust Multi Degree of Freedom Micro gyroscope with Wide Bandwidth ” 21th IEEE International Multi topic Conference, Karachi, Pakistan, 1-2 November.
  • M. Saqib*, M. Mubasher Saleem, S. Awan, and M. Rehman (2018) ” Design, Modeling and Parametric Analysis of Chevron Shaped Electrothermal Actuator Using Low Cost MetalMUMPS Fabrication Process ” 2nd IEEE International Conference on Computing, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Quetta, Pakistan, 12-13 November.
Courses Taught

PH101: Mechanics

PH103: Fundamentals of Mechanics

ES231: Electronics 1

ES466: Microelectronics Manufacturing Engineering


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