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Muhammad Ilyas


Qualifications: MSc Structural Engineering
Research Interests:

Selected Publications

  1. Sher, Sadaf, Muhammad Waseem, Muhammad Mohsin Waqas, Khawar Rehman, Muhammad Ilyas, Hafiz Ahmed Waqas, and Megersa Kebede Leta. “An Integrated Hydrological Modelling Approach to Evaluate the Capacity of Keenjhar Lake by Using STELLA.” Hydrology 9, no. 5 (2022): 90.
  2. Ilyas, Muhammad, Awais Ahmad, Abdullah Riaz, Fayaz Ahmad Khan, Sadaf Sher, Muhammad Waseem, Syeda Zunaira Ali et al. “Review of Modeling Techniques for Analysis and Assessment of RC Beam–Column Joints Subjected to Seismic Loads.” Materials 15, no. 21 (2022): 7448