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Ms. Beenish Urooj



M.S. in Information Security
(2022), Department of Computer Science, COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan.
B.S. in Computer Science (2019), COMSATS University Islamabad, Wah Campus, GIKI, Pakistan.

Research Interests: 
Risk Analysis, SCADA Systems, Risk Management, Threat Mitigation, Information Security

Security Analyst. Beenish Urooj holds a Masters in Information Security from COMSATS
University Islamabad. She was top of her batch with 3.84 CGPA. She has been part of s
research group during her masters called Performance Evaluation and Enhancements of
Computing Systems (PEECS), led by Dr. Munam Ali Shah. Miss Beenish has done her
Bachelors from COMSATS University Islamabad, Wah Campus in Computer Science.
Miss Beenish has worked on multiple published research articles based on Malware Detection,
Risk Assessment and Risk Analysis. Her journal article is published in IEEE Access and her
conferences are published in IET and one in ICAC, Bristol London.
Her paper based on risk analysis of SCADA systems was best runner up article of the
conference in European region. Currently, two of her journals are under review in IET
Information Security and IEEE Access.
Miss Beenish research interests includes Risk Analysis, Information Security, Threat
Mitigation, Risk Assessment, Privacy Preservation and SCADA Systems

Miss Beenish is currently teaching courses on Artificial Intelligence to second-year students




Selected Publications

1. Urooj, B., Shah, M. A., Maple, C., Abbasi, M. K., & Riasat, S. Malware Detection:
A Framework for Reverse Engineered Android Applications through Machine
Learning Algorithms. IEEE Access, 1–1., Page 20, 2022. (Impact Factor =
2. Urooj, B., & Ali Shah, M. Securing Digital Economies Through Scada Systems: An
Analysis on Authentication and Access Control.19–24., Competitive Advantage in the Digital
Economy (CADE 2021), Page 6, 2021. (Cade Conference 2021)
3. Urooj, B., Ullah. U., Shah, M. A, Sikander, H., Qarib, A., Risk Assessment of
SCADA Cyber Attack Methods: A Technical Review on Securing Automated Realtime SCADA Systems, ICAC 2022: The 27th IEEE International Conference on
Automation and Computing, Page 6, 2022. (ICAC 2022)
4. Urooj, B., Riasat, S., Ajmal, A., Khan, S., Mehmood, G., Fayaz, M., Safe Breach
Assessment of Cyber Attack Methods: An Automated Approach for Securing Realtime SCADA System. Page 13, 2022. (Under Review in Journal)
5. Riasat, S, Urooj, B., Shah, M. A, Anjum, A., IoT Data Acquisition Attack Model: A
Unilateral Mechanism of Private Data Publication in Smart Cities. A Threat model to
execute Local Differential Privacy (LDP) for preserving private data of
solitary IoT device before data collection and service deployment, Page 18, 2022.
(Under Review in Journal)

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