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Mr. Muhammad Qasim Riaz


Research Interests: 

Selected Publications

  1. Emotion Detection of Contextual Text using Deep learning – 2020
  2. Rashid, M. W. Iqbal, M. A. Skiandar, M. Q. Raiz, M. R. Naqvi and S. K. Shahzad, 4th International Symposium on Multidisciplinary Studies and Innovative Technologies (ISMSIT), Istanbul, Turkey

  1. Building a Biomedical Ontology for Respiratory Tract Infection – 2019
  2. M. Sarmad, U. Qamar, K. Wahab, M. Q. Riaz, 7th International Conference on Computer and Communications Management (ICCCM), Bangkok, Thailand

  1. Automatic Detection of Ambiguous Software Requirements: An Insight – 2019
  2. Q. Riaz, W. H Butt, S. Rehman, 5th International Conference on Information Management (ICIM), University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

  1. Scrum Software Maintenance Model: Efficient Software Maintenance in Agile Methodology – 2018
  2. U. Rehman, B. Maqbool, M. Q. Riaz, U. Qamar and M. Abbas, 21st Saudi Computer Society National Computer Conference (NCC), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, pp. 1-5.

  1. Customization of Requirement Engineering Best Practices for Pakistan Software Industry – 2018
  2. Q. Riaz, F. Rehman, B. Maqbool, W. H Butt. International Conference on Computing, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies by IEEE, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Pakistan

  1. Evaluation of team expertise in software development Organizations – 2017
  2. Q. Riaz, M. Abbas, S. Irshad., 15th International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology by IEEE, Islamabad, Pakistan

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