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Malik Hassan


Qualifications: MS Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Finite Element Modelling, Interface Modeling, Cohesive Zone Modeling, Incremental Sheet Forming


Malik Hassan did his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan in (2015), Master of Science  in Mechanical Engineering from the GIK Institute, Pakistan in (2019).

Malik Hassan’s research interest includes interface modelling for metallic laminates, hot roll bonding of multilayer metallic sheets and incremental sheet forming. Application areas includes: increasing inter-laminar fracture toughness, formability and failure prediction. Current research involves working towards Stress/Strain condition at interface of multilayer sheets, layering effect and failure prediction in incremental sheet forming. Prior to joining GIK Institute, he has worked as Lecturer at National University of Computer and Emerging sciences (NUCES-FAST), Islamabad.


GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology

Master of Science Mechanical Engineering

(With Distinction)

University Of Engineering and Technology  Peshawar  

Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering 

(With Distinction)                                                                             

Scholastic Achievements

  • Merit-Based Scholarship from GIK Institute during MS Degree program which includes Fee waiver of 1,200,000 PKR, Free Residence and a monthly stipend of 15,000 PKR  (Jan 2017-Dec 2018)
  • Gold Medalist from UET Peshawar for best academic performance in BS Mechanical Engineering (2015)
  • Won 1st Design Project award in project exhibition arranged by UET Peshawar (2015)
  • Received merit-based Laptop from Chief Minister KPK (2013)
  • Received certificate for getting the 15th position in BISE Abbottabad (2011)
  • Received medal for getting the 3rd position in Pre-Engineering from Pakistan International Public School and College, Abbottabad (2011)
Teaching and Mentoring

ME212: Dynamics

ME351: Manufacturing Technology-I

ME102: Engineering Graphics

ME231: Thermodynamics I

ME351: Mechanical Vibration

Representative Publications

Hassan, M., Hussain, G., Wei, H., Qadeer, A. and AlKahtani, M., 2021. Progress on single-point incremental forming of polymers. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, pp.1-26.

Hassan, M., Hussain, G., Ali, A., Ilyas, M., Malik, S., Khan, W.A. and Bal, B., 2021. Effect of pre-rolling temperature on the interfacial properties and formability of steel-steel bilayer sheet in Single Point Incremental Forming. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 235(3), pp.406-416.

I. ul Haq, Khan, M.I., Karim, R.A., Raza, S.A., Wadood, A. and Hassan, M., 2021. Effect of Various Thermal Treatments and Cu Contents on Precipitation Mechanism, Martensitic Growth, and Cold Workability of Ti 50 Ni 50-x Cu x Ternary Shape Memory Alloys. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 30(1), pp.451-466.

Hassan, M., Hussain, G., Ilyas, M. and Ali, A., 2020. Delamination analysis in single-point incremental forming of steel/steel bi-layer sheet metal. Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, 20(2), pp.1-14.

Hassan, M., Ali, A., Ilyas, M., Hussain, G. and ul Haq, I., 2019. Experimental and numerical simulation of steel/steel (St/St) interface in bi-layer sheet metal. International Journal of Lightweight Materials and Manufacture, 2(2), pp.89-96.

M. Ilyas, M. Hassan, A. Ali, G. Hussain, M.S. Malik. Numerical analysis for hot rolled steel/steel (St/St) bilayer sheet in single point incremental forming, 6th Student Research Paper Conference, 2019 at Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad. (

A. Iltaf, M. Hassan, D. Tahir, S. Irfan Raies, A. Ali. Fabrication of Nano-porous Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO) by varying Anodization Parameters, 2nd Pak-Turk International Conference on Emerging Technologies in the Field of Sciences and Engineering (Pak-Turk ETSE 2019))

M. Ahmad, S. Abbas Raza, I. Khan, M. Hassan, D. Tahir, A. Iltaf. Titanium-Nickel Shape Memory Alloy Reinforced with Zirconium Dioxide by Powder Metallurgy Route: Bio composites in Action, 6th Student Research Paper Conference in IST. (

Training and Certificates

  • Continuing Professional Development Programme                                       (May 2017)

Participated in two days course on “Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structure” at HITEC University, Taxila, Pakistan.

  • Occupational Health and Safety                                                                          (Dec 2017)

Participated in two days training course on “Health and Safety” arranged by Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, GIK Institute, Pakistan.

  • World Reverse Engineering                                                                                   (Jan 2019)

Participation certificate for 1st International Workshop on “Functional Reverse Engineering (WRE 2018)” organized by GIK Institute, Pakistan.The workshop was technically co-sponsored by IEEE (USA) and IMechE (UK).

  • CPD seminar on “Incremental Sheet Forming”                                                 (Feb 2020)

Participated in CPD seminar organized by GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology, Pakistan.

  • Engineering Approach during Pandemic to cater emerging needs              (Aug 2020)

Participated in CPD live webinar course organized by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

  • Factor Affecting the Performance of R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) Plant             (Aug 2020)

Participated in CPD live webinar course organized by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

  • Process Safety Management                                                                                (Sep 2020)

Participated in CPD live webinar course organized by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

  • Entrepreneurship for Engineers                                                                          (Mar 2021)

Participated in CPD live webinar course organized by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

  • Development of Technical Team & Execution of a Project                            (Mar 2021)
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