Mr. Izhar Ali
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Mr. Izhar Ali


Qualifications: Juris Doctor (J.D.) , Master of Laws (LL.M.) ; Ohio State University, Ohio, USA.

 Attorney-at-Law, California State Bar, USA, Khyber Pakthunkhwa Bar Council

Research Interests: Engineering Justice, Corporate Engineering Criminology,  Engineering Trial Advocacy, Forensic Engineering, Innovations & Intellectual Property



Izhar Ali is a Lecturer at Ghulam Ishaq Institute of Technology (GIK), where he teaches corporate law and professional ethics. He got his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) and LL.M. (summa cum laude ) from Ohio State University, Ohio, United States. He is a member of the American Bar Association, an Accredited Representative of the Board of Immigration Appeals in Houston, Texas, United States, and a Fulbright Scholar, currently serving on the selection committee for The U.S. Department of State Exchange Program. 

Ali is admitted to practice in California. One of the leading trial lawyers, he is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers. He represented individuals and corporations in all phases of complex litigation in civil, criminal, immigration, and regulatory matters, including those involving integrity matters, manipulation, accounting irregularities, compliance, and other financial fraud. Along with a team of super lawyers, he successfully prosecuted Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, and Amtrak in regulatory, compliance, and integrity services matters. He previously worked as Attorney at Consilio, LL.C in Houston, Texas,where he was regularly privy to several alternate dispute resolution talks, and helped negotiated favourable deals for his clients. In solo practice, his strategic trial advocacy won naturalised citizenship for several clients in immigration matters.

He sets on two career trajectories, complementing passion with training.  A hardcore attorney by profession, he harbours a strong instinct for teaching and training and his research interest lies at the intersection of law, ethics, and engineering. A chief exponent of ethical innovation in the corporate engineering business, he jealously knows the exact science of teaching law to engineering students. Using innovative pedagogical strategies, he teaches the wisdom of law through the quantum of engineering dynamics. In furtherance to encourage dialogue, discussion, and discourse, he walks the beginners like engineering students through the gateway of law, logically proceeds from general to particular, and revolves around the entire realm of corporate law and jurisprudence. He figuratively reinvented the wheel: by taming the otherwise inquisitive and methodical “would be” engineers into the stoic reign of law, “a legal reverse engineering” of its kind. His classroom is thus a courtroom, a high-tension laboratory, and a corporate workplace, where students get engineering legal education through an experimental learning process. He introduced engineering moot courts, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and corporate engineering negotiation for quick engineering justice.

Izhar Ali is happily married to Laila, a beautiful countryside girl, who plays his romantic interest in complete conjugal harmony, raising a wonderful “barbie-doll” named Horanin. He loves reading. Poems and prose by Nasir Kazmi and Parveen Shakir pleasantly mark his day running. His archives catalogue hundreds of books, journals, and periodicals. 


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