Engr. Ramesha Tariq

Ext. 6-2194
Faculty Lobby

Engr. Ramesha Tariq



MS Chemical Engineering (UET Lahore)

Research Interests:

Process Modelling and Simulation, Reaction kinetics and heterogeneous catalytic modeling, Hydrogen production, Auto-thermal reforming, Carbon Capture

Journal Publication

Ramesha Tariq, Fahad Maqbool, Syed Z. Abbas, Small-scale production of hydrogen via auto-thermal reforming in an adiabatic packed bed reactor: Parametric study and reactor’s optimization through response surface methodology, Computers & Chemical Engineering, Volume 145, 2021, 107192,

Book Chapter Contribution

  • Sajjad Hussain, Hammad Khan, Javaid Rabbani Khan, Ramesha Tariq. (2023). “Stoichiometry Calculations with Chemical Formulas and Equations.” In Y. Junejo (Ed.), Chemistry for the Life (pp. 39-65). ISRES Publishing.

Conference Presentation

  • Ramesha Tariq, S.Z. Abbas. Small Scale Production of H2 via Autothermal – Reforming in an Adiabatic Packed Bed Reactor at UET Peshawar. Oral Presentation at 4th International Conference on Sustainability in Process Industry (SPI 2018), UET Peshawar, Pakistan (24 – 25 October 2018).
  • S.Z. Abbas, Ramesha Tariq. Small Scale Production of H2 Via Autothermal Reforming in an Adiabatic Packed Bed Reactor. Poster presented at 2019 AIChE Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL on 13th November 2019.
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