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Dr. Zia ul Haq Abbas

Associate Professor

Qualifications: Ph.D. Information and Communication Technology, University of Agder, Norway, 2012
Research Interests: Information and Communication Technology, Energy Efficiency in Hybrid Mobile and Wireless Communication Networks, DSP, 4G and beyond Mobile Systems, Mesh and Adhoc Networks, Cooperative Communications, Cognitive Radio Networks, Sensor Networks, Green Netw


October 2012 onwards:
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, GIKI, Pakistan

March 2012 to June 2012:
Visiting Researcher, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Twin City Campus Minneapolis, University of Minnesota, USA

August 2002 to August 2008:
Research Associate (Lecturer), Faculty of Electronic Engineering, GIKI, Pakistan

HEC Approved PhD Supervisor

Responsible for Communication and Signal Processing Research Lab. It is a graduate lab where my graduate students are working on topics including energy efficiency of communication networks, cognitive radio, LTE-Advanced networks, and energy conservation of mobile station battery.

Graduate Students

[to be added]

MS Students

  1. No.Student NameDept.Thesis TitleStart DateEnd DateRole

    Student’s Current Position

    1Mr. Hammad ZafarElectrical EngineeringCongestion Control in Named Data NetworkingJan. 2017

    SupervisorDoing literature survey
    2Mr. Nouman BashirElectrical EngineeringEnergy Efficient Hierarchical Cluster-based Reliable Multipath Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor NetworksAug. 2016

    SupervisorWriting MS thesis
    3Mr. M. Mussawer PervezElectrical Engineering

    Impact of Inter Base Station Distance on Performance of

    Heterogeneous Networks


    Jun.  2015

    May 2016

    SupervisorServing as Assistant Manager in NESCOM, Pakistan
    4Mr. Zaiwar AliElectrical EngineeringA Stochastic Routing Technique in Wireless Sensor NetworksJul. 2014

    Jun. 2015

    SupervisorResearch Associate in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, GIK Institute, Pakistan
    5Mr. M. Wasif KhanElectrical EngineeringA Comparison of PAPR for Two Multiple Access Schemes for LTE NetworksJul. 2014

    Oct. 2015


    6Mr. Bakht ZamanElectrical Engineering

    Spectrum Occupancy Modeling using

    Queuing Theory in Cognitive Radio Networks


    Jan. 2014

    Jan. 2015

    SupervisorPhD student in Intelligent Signal Processing and Wireless Networks Lab, Department of Information and Communication Technology, University of Agder, Norway
    7Azizur RehmanElectrical EngineeringA Probabilistic Approach for Mobile Station Energy Consumption Analysis in a Heterogeneous NetworkJul. 2013

    Nov. 2014

    SupervisorWorking as Senior Scientific Officer in KRL, Pakistan


    PhD Students

    1. No.

      Student Name


      Thesis Title

      Start Date

      End Date


      Current Status


      Mr. Sajid Haroon

      Electrical Engineering

      Application of Stochastic Geometry for the Analysis of Heterogeneous Cellular Networks

      Jan. 2017


      Doing literature survey for PhD research


      Mr. Fazal Muhammad

      Electrical Engineering

      Performance Analysis of Heterogeneous Cellular Networks with Load Balancing

      Jan. 2013


      PhD thesis submitted for evaluation


      Mr. Alamgir Naushad

      Computer System Engineering

      Faster Failure Detection in MANETs

      Sept. 2014


      Submitted one journal paper and working on the next paper


      Mr. Shahab Haider      

      Computer System Engineering

      Machine Learning for Collision Avoidance in  Vehicular Adhoc Networks

      Aug. 2016


      Doing literature survey for PhD research


      Ms. Laila Khalid

      Computer System Engineering

      Channel Assembling in Cognitive Radio Networks

      Jan. 2017


      Doing literature survey for PhD research




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