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Dr. Sohail Malik

Assistant Professor

Qualifications: PhD in Mechanical and Management Engineering (Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy)
Research Interests: Finite Element Analysis, Laser-Ultrasonics, Reliability Analysis, Instrumentation and Measurement, High Speed Train Axles Inspection, Energy Audit, Energy Harvesting, Earth Quake Warning Systems


Dr. Sohail Malik holds doctoral degree in Mechancial and Management Engineering from Univerista Politecnica della Marche, Italy. Before that he gained professional field experience of more than 5 years in various fields of mechanical engineering. During that he worked as a project engineer, design engineer, testing engineer and Production Planning Engineer.  He is a life member of Pakistan Engineering Council as a professional Engineer and research member of IEEE. He is currently working as Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department of GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology Pakistan where he is responsible for many technical projects and comittees along with carrying on his teaching and research activities. Before Joining GIK he stayed in Netherlands as a design Engineer for a short project. He holds a dynamic personality to welcome any challenge in the field of Engineering and loves to work on projects involving mental and physical stamina.

Professional Development

  • Design optimization of Laser Welding for Ti Alloy (2018)
  • Tool Development of Energy Audit for small, medium and large Production Sites. (2016)
  • Helping hand in organization and operation of Energy Management at GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology. (2016)
  • Development of Measurement and Instrumentation lab for mechanical engineering. (2015)
  • Design of customized crank set for optimum utilization of power in Velomobiles. (2015)
  • First Time estimation of Probability of Detection (POD) curve for laser Ultrasonics for Train axles using FEM Modals as a part of PhD research. (2014)
  • Design of Human Powered Vehicle (three wheeled) for urban mobility during post graduation. (2012)
  • Establishment of a business of motorcycle parts based on supply chain management tools. (2011) 
  • Worked for tensile testing of material  used for making eye sight glasses frame under various conditions. Project was sponsored by Luxotica. (2010)
  • Established production, planning and control (PPC) Section for a production site and looked after PPC issues for intime and optimized completion of projects. (2009)
  • Hands on training of conventional machining to take as a tool to clarify concepts and manage forthcoming projects. (2008)
  • Managed logistics of heavy hardware, machine structures and manpower moved by road and by air. (2008)
  • Worked as project engineer to carry and manage assigned mechanical and electronic based projects for various phases including design, manfucturing, quality control, fabrication, testing and dispatch according to quality assurance standards. (2007)
  • Established and managed integration lab for fabrication for various machine elements starting from layout design and tools comissioning to developing procedures and carrying one successful operations till assignment of next challenge. (2006)
  • Designed jigs for fabrication processes involving drilling, tapping and intergration of various machine parts. (2005)
  • Worked on CAD design of console part of Alto Car by Suzuki as a volunteer. (2004)
Current Projects

  • Automated Non Contact NDT of Mechanical Structures
  • Passive Mechanisms for Solar Tracking 
  • Numerical Modelling of Laser Ultrasonic Phantom for Breast Cancer
  • Multi Body Dynamics Simulation for Various Gear Trains Meshing
  • PCM based micro heat exchangers
  • Challenges in Earth Quake warning system
  • Energy Audit of Gadoon Textile Mills
  • Design and Control of Prosthetic hand and arm
  • Modelling and Simulation of Laser Ultrasonics in High Speed Train Axles
  • Design evolution in human powered vehicles
  • Operation of Energy Management Cell in GIK Institute
  • Energy Harvesting from Ocean Waves
  • Development of Reasearch facility for Sport of Cricket
Professional Membership

  • Life Member as Professional Engineer, Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)
  • Member IEEE, USA
  • Member ASME, USA
Teaching Experience

Undergraduate Courses

  • Measurement and Instrumentation (Fall 2015)
  • Introduction to Finite Element Methods (Fall 2015 – 2018 )
  • Theory of Machines (Spring 2016 – 2018)
  • Thermodynamics I (Summer 2016)
  • Fluid Mechanics I (Summer 2017)
  • Solid Mechanics (Summer 2018)

Graduate Courses

  • Applied Finite Element Analysis (Fall 2016-2018)
Scholarships and Grants

  • National Research Programme for Universities  by Higher Education Comission (HEC) of Pakistan. (2018)
  • Erasmus Mundus Trainee Scholar. (2015)
  • Scholarship for MS Leading to PhD by Higher Education Comission (HEC) of Pakistan. (2010)

  • (2019) “Flow-based electromagnetic type energy harvester using micro planar coil for IoT sensors application”. International Journal of Energy Research by Wiley
  • (2019) “Harvesting Ambient Acoustic Energy Using Piezo-element for Wireless Distributed Sensor Network”. Acoustical Physics by Springer
  • (2018) “Investigation of the Thermal Performance of Salt Hydrate Phase Change of Nanoparticle Slurry Flow in a Microchannel”. Journal of Chemistry,Volume 2019, Article ID 5271923, 10 pages
  • (2017). “Numerical Study of Slurry Flow Cooling Performance with Phase Change Nanoparticles in a Microchannel”. ICHMMET 2017, South Korea
  • (2015)”Model assisted POD of laser-ultrasonics NDT for train axles: A review,”2016 International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, and Optimization Techniques (ICEEO), Chennai, 2016, pp. 4645-4648″.
  •  (2014) “Reliability analysis of laser ultrasonics for train axle diagnostics based on model assisted POD curves”. In 11TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON VIBRATION MEASUREMENTS BY LASER AND NONCONTACT TECHNIQUES-AIVELA 2014: Advances and Applications(Vol. 1600, No. 1, pp. 396-404). AIP Publishing.

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