Dr. Salman Ahmed

Dr. Salman Ahmed
S10 New Academic Block

Dr. Salman Ahmed

Associate Professor, PhD (University of Alberta, Canada) 2013

Brief: Dr. Salman Ahmed is currently working as an Associate Professor at FCSE at GIKI. He has done BSc from UET Peshawar, Pakistan (2005), MSc from Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia (2007) and PhD from University of Alberta, Canada (2013). Prior to joining GIKI, he worked as the Director of IoT Cyber Security Lab at the National Center for Cyber Security. His research areas include cyber security, IoT devices and operating systems, multi-agent systems and control systems.


Dr. Salman Ahmed has received some prestigious awards in his academic career such as the university Gold Medal (UET Peshawar), Provost Doctoral Award (University of Alberta, Canada), Chancellor Emertius Scholarship (Canada), Research Assistantship (NSERC, Government of Canada), Graduate Assistantship (Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia). He was the Principle Investigator of Secured IoT Devices (SID) Project, which had a funding of Rs. 40.5 million. He also has research experience of working with the Malaysian Ministry of Science and Technology, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and Government of Pakistan. He was a member of Syndicate (governing body) of UET Peshawar for 3 years, and also holds volunteer position as President of IEEE Peshawar Subsection.

Educational Qualifications:

PhD, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada (2008-2013)

Dissertation Title: Distributed Sampling, Filtering and Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks

Awards: Provost Doctoral Entrance Awards, Chancellor Emeritus Scholarship


MSc, Universiti Teknologi Petronas Malaysia (2005-2007)

BSc, Computer Information Systems Engineering, (Gold Medalist) UET Peshawar (2000-2005)


Research Interests:

Cyber Security, Operating Systems for IoT Devices, Multi-Agent Systems, Energy Management Systems, Autonomic Computing, Control Systems


Selected Publications (Google Scholar Profile: https://scholar.google.ca/citations?user=MwkLc1MAAAAJ&hl=en)

Book Chapter:

S. Ahmed, M. N. Karsiti and R. N. K. Loh, “Control analysis and feedback linearization techniques for multi agent robots”, pp. 103-128, Multi Agent Systems, 2009, I-Tech Education and Publishing, Vienna, Austria.


Journal Publications:

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