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Dr. Rashid Ali

Assistant Professor (HEC Approved PhD Supervisor)

Qualifications: Ph.D in Materials Science (Roma Tre, Italy)
Research Interests: Residual stress optimization in Ti-TiN Multilayer PVD-Coatings used for Mechanical Applicatinos, Residual stress analysis, Multilayer hard coatings, Modelling and Characterization of Thin films, Failure Analysis


Dr.Rashid Ali main area of research is residual stress analysis in engineering materials for their influence on the static and fatigue performance of materials. During his Ph.D studies, he design and develop residual stress-optimized Ti-TiN multilayer PVD hard-coatings on compliant substrate (stainless steel) to increase the overall thickness of coating without deteriorating coating adhesion to the substrate. For an accurate measurement of practical adhesion of brittle coatings to the compliant substrate, he demonstrates the use of analytical modelling for the description of the failure modes under scratch adhesion testing. Moreover, the finite element (FEM) and experimental description of failures produced due to residual stresses and coating delamination related failures in materials were conducted. The work forms the basis to engineered stress-optimized multilayer coatings through FEM design for the use of multilayer coating in wide range of industrial applications. Further, he practically investigate the various failures in engineering components such as failure in melting crucible and performed design study to mitigate those failures; investigate the failure in roller bearing and failure in thermal barrier coating of turbine blades etc. 


S. Zameer Abbas, Rashid Ali, Fazal Ahmad Khalid, Kamran Amir Khan & Muhammad Abdul Rehman, “Effect of Au additions on the structure and properties of (Fe0.5Co0.5)71Nb4Si5B20 bulk metallic glass” Journal of Materials Science and Technology, 2019, DOI: 10.1080/02670836.2019.1565082.

Rashid Ali; Marco Renzelli; M. Imran Khan; Marco Sebastiani and Edoardo Bemporad “Effects of Residual Stress Distribution on Interfacial Adhesion of Magnetron Sputtered AlN and AlN/Al Nanostructured Coatings on a (100) Silicon Substrate”; Journal of Nanomaterials, 2018. 8(11): p. 896.

Rashid Ali; Tauheed Shehbaz; Edoardo Bemporad; “Investigation on Failure in Thermal Barrier Coatings on Gas Turbine First Stage Rotor Blade” Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention; 2018. 1062; https://doi.org/10.1007/s11668-018-0530-5.

Khasan Karimov; Zubair Ahmad; Rashid Ali; Adnan Noor; M. Akmal; M. A. Najeeb; R. A. Shakoor, “Fabrication and characterization of the organic rectifying junctions by electrolysis” Applied Physics A 123 (8), 546, 2017.

Zubair Ahmad; Khasan S. Karimov, Farid Touati, S. A. Moiz, Rashid Ali,R. A. Shakoor, N. J. Al-Thani, ”Impact of moisture contents on the performance of organic bi-layer ITO/OD thermo-electric cells” Journal of Materials Science: Mater Electron (2016). doi: 10.1007/s 10854-016-5034-z.

R. Ali; M. Sebastiani; E. Bemporad; “Influence of Ti-TiN multilayer PVD-coatings design on residual stress and adhesion” Journal of Materials and Design, No. 75, pp. 47-56, 2015.

R. Ali, et.al. “Design of stress-optimized Ti/TiN multilayer PVD-coatings for mechanical application, Surface modification technologies XXVIII, International conference, 2014.

R.A.Sindhu; M. K. Park; S. J. Lee and K. D. Lee; “Effects of residual stresses on the static and fatigue strength of laser-welded lap joints with different welding speeds” International Journal of Automotive Technology  Volume 11, Number 6, pp. 857-863, 2010.

Hassan Mehboob, Park Myung Kyun, Kang An-Soo, Behzad Ahmed Zai, Rashid Ali “Analysis of the clamping pressure effect in PEM fuel cell structure by FEM and experiment” Third European fuel cell technology & application Piero Lunghi Conference, 2009.

Behzad Ahmed Zai, M. K. Park, H. S. Choi, Hassan Mehboob and Rashid Ali “Effect of Moisture Absorption on Damping and Dynamic Stiffness of Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Composites” The Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, vol. 23, No. 11, pp.2998-3004, 2009.

Myung Kyun Park, Rashid Ali Sindhu, Soo Jin Lee, Behzad Ahmed Zai and Hassan Mehboob “A Residual Stress Evaluation in Laser Welded Lap Joint with Hole Drilling Method” International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, Vol. 10 / No. 5, pp. 89-95, 2009.


Fall 2015

MM221: Materials Thermodynamics

MM242L: Materials Lab II 

Spring 2016

MM222: Strength of Materials 

MM345L: Materials Lab V

MM429: Introduction to Finite Element Methods

Short Course

Materials Failure Analysis



Research Projects

1- Design and development of super duplex stainless steel cast components with computer aided engineering, funded by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan under start-up research grant.

2- Design, development and characterization of stress-optimized multi-layer PVD hard-coatings for bio-medical and engineering applications, funded by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan under the NRPU programme.