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Dr. Zain Siddiqi
G-16, FCSE Lobby

Dr. Muhammad Zain Siddiqi

Assistant Professor


Ph.D. Inform. & Comm. Engineering,
Institute: Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Research Interests:

Milli-meter/Terahertz wave massive MIMO communications, Reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS)-aided communication, Integrated sensing, Machine learning-enabled future communications, UAVs-enabled cell-free communications



Research Publications: 

M. Z. Siddiqi, W. A. Khan, A. M. Elbir, R. Mickenzie, and Y. Siddiqui
“Machine learning-based energy efficient beamforming design for UAVRIS-
enabled cell-free terrestrial networks,” IEEE Trans. Trans. Sys.
(T-ITS), Submitted
[J4] M. Z. Siddiqi and T. Mir, “Reconfigurable intelligent surface-aided
wireless communications: An overview,” Intel. and Conv. Net., (ICN)
vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 33-63, 2022
[J3] M. Z. Siddiqi, T. Mir, M. Hao, and R. Mickenzie, “On energy efficiency
of wideband RIS-aided cell-free network,” IEEE Access, vol. 10, pp.
19742-19752, 2022.
[J2] M. Z. Siddiqi, T. Mir, M. Hao, and R. Mickenzie, “Low-complexity joint
active and passive beamforming design for RIS-aided MIMO systems,”
IET Elec. Lett., vol. 9, pp. 384-386 Apr. 2021.
[J1] T. Mir, M. Z. Siddiqi, M. Hao, and R. Mackenzie, “Machine learning inspired
hybrid precoding for wideband millimeter-wave massive MIMO
systems,” IEEE Access, vol. 7, pp. 62852-62864, 2019.
[C5] T. Mir, M. Z. Siddiqi, M. hao, and R. Mickenzie, “One-bit hybrid precoding
for wideband millimeter-wave massive MIMO systems,” IEEE 89th Veh.
Tech. Conf. (VTC2019-Spring), Nov. 2019, pp. 170-174.
[C4] M. Z. Siddiqi, G. Ahmad Sidhu, T. Jabeen, Zain Ali, and M. Furqan, “Adaptive
modulation in relay-aided cognitive radio network,” IEEE 13th
Malaysian Int. Conf. Commun. (MICC), Nov. 2017, pp. 170-174.
[C3] M. Z. Siddiqi, A. Aziz, N. Ilyas, H. Kiran, S. Arif, and A. Tahir, “Optimized
energy efficient routing using dynamic clustering in wireless sensor
networks,” 11th Int. Conf. Comp. Intel. and Soft. Inten. Sys. (CISS), Italy,
July 2017, pp. 617-626.
[C2] J. Tahir, M. Z. Siddiqi, and S. Arif, “Performance analysis of MPLSbased
networks with conventional networks,” IEEE 2nd Int. Work. Rec.
Trends Telecommu. and Net. (RTTR), New Zealand, Feb. 2017, pp. 1-4.
[C1] M. Z. Siddiqi, et. al., “Circular joint sink mobility scheme for wireless
sensor networks”, IEEE 29th Int. Conf. Adv. Inf. Net. and Appl. (AINA),
Korea 2015, pp. 311-319.


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