Dr. Muhammad Shozab Mehdi

Ext. 6, 2184

Dr. Muhammad Shozab Mehd

Assistant Professor



Research Interests:

Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer Study of Multiphase flows.


Dr. Shozab has joined GIKI in January this year. His PhD thesis is based on Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer Study of Taylor Flow in a Capillary for Monolith Reactor.

During his PhD he developed slurry type Taylor flow in a capillary to determine hydrodynamics of three phase flows. He also got a chance to work in French Lab where he was able to learn some advance experimental techniques such as High Speed Imaging and Planer Laser Induced Fluorescence for gas – liquid mass transfer study.


MS – Leading to PhD, Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Islamabad, Pakistan (2013)
BSc – NFC Institute of Engineering and Technology, Multan, Paksitan (2003)

Work Experience

Assistant Professor at Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, GIK Institute (Jan 2013 to Present)

Journal Publication

  • Shozab Mehdi, Anne-Marie, Imran R. Chughtai, Mansoor H. Inayyat,“Overall Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer from Taylor Bubbles Flowing Upward in a Circular Capillary”, Asia Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering. DOI: 10.1002/apj.1738.
  • M.S. Mehdi, I.R. Chughtai and M.H. Inayat, “Flow Patterns and Pressure Drop of Two Phase flow in Horizonatal Capillary”, The Nucleus, 46 (3) 2009: In press

Conference Proceedings

  • Chughtai, I.R., Iqbal, W., Din, G.U., Mehdi, S., Khan, I.H., Inayat, M.H.and Jin, J.H.“Investigation of liquid phase axial dispersion in Taylor bubble flow by radiotracer residence time distribution analysis” Tracer 6 Conference, Oslo, 6-8 June, 2011
  • MEHDI Shozab 1,2, BILLET Anne-Marie, “Transfert de masse en écoulement ‘poches-bouchons’ : quantification et visualization” 6èmes Journées Francophones sur les Réacteurs Gaz – Liquide et Gaz – Liquide – Solide Du 8 au 11 mai 2012 – Marrakech (Maroc).


  • Member Pak France Alumni Network.
  • Member Pakistan Engineering Council.

Honors and Awards

  • HEC Scholarship for MS leading to PhD.
  • French Embassy Scholarship.
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