Dr. Muhammad Irfan

0092938 271858
Office F11, FEE

Dr. Muhammad Irfan

Assistant Professor, Team Lead, at Chip-DV

Qualifications: Ph.D., City University of Hong Kong. 
Research Interests: Reconfigurable Computing, Embedded Systems, High speed Memory design

Team Lead at Chip-DV

Personal Website 

Selected Publications


  1. An Electronic Memory Device
    Application Filed: [Jun 2020] Priority No. 63/042,604 (US)

  2. Efficient ternary content-addressable memory based on lookup tables and flip-flops
    Application Filed: [Nov 2019] Priority No. 16/671,669 (US)


Selected Journal Papers:

  1. Irfan, Muhammad, A. Sanka, Zahid Ullah, and Ray C. C. Cheung. “Reconfigurable Content-Addressable Memory (CAM) on FPGAs: A Tutorial and Survey.” Elsevier Future Generation Computer Systems, 2021
    [—, —]

  2. Irfan, Muhammad, Hasan Yantir, Zahid Ullah, and Ray C. C. Cheung. “Comp-TCAM: An adaptable composite Ternary content-addressable Memory on FPGAs.” IEEE Embedded Systems Letters, 2021
    [—, —]

  3. Irfan, Muhammad, A. Sanka, Zahid Ullah, and Ray C. C. Cheung. “Accelerated Updating Mechanism for FPGA-based Ternary content-addressable Memory.” IEEE Embedded Systems Letters, 2020
    [Link, PDF]

  4. Irfan, Muhammad, Zahid Ullah, Mehdi, and Ray C. C. Cheung. “RPE-TCAM: Reconfigurable Power-efficient Ternary Content-addressable Memory on FPGAs.” IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration Systems, 2020
    [Link, PDF]

  5. Irfan, Muhammad, Zahid Ullah, and Ray C. C. Cheung. “D-TCAM: A High-performance Distributed RAM based TCAM Architecture on FPGAs.” IEEE Access, 2019
    [Link, PDF]

  6. Irfan, Muhammad, and Ray C.C. Cheung, Zahid Ullah. “Zi-CAM: A power and Resource Efficient Binary Content-addressable Memory on FPGAsMDPI Electronics, 2019
    [Link, PDF]

  7. Irfan, Muhammad, and Zahid Ullah. “G-AETCAM: Gate-based Area-Efficient Ternary Content-Addressable Memory on FPGA.” IEEE Access, 2017
    [Link, PDF]


Selected Conference Papers:

  1. Irfan, Muhammad, Zahid Ullah, and Ray C. C. Cheung. “High Performance Power-efficient Gate-based CAM for Reconfigurable Computing.” International conference on Mobile Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks (MSN 2019), Hong Kong (rescheduled in Shenzhen)

  2. Irfan, Muhammad, Zahid Ullah, and Ray C. C. Cheung. “High-throughput Re-configurable content addressable memory on FPGAs” International Conference on Information, Technology and computer communications (ITCC 2019), Singapore

  3. Irfan, Muhammad, Zahid Ullah, and Ray C. C. Cheung. “Bank-selective Strategy for Gate-based ternary Content-addressable Memory on FPGAs” 30th IEEE International Conference on Application-specific systems, Architectures and Processors (ASAP 2019), New York, United States

  4. Irfan, Muhammad. “Development of a High-Level Power Estimation Framework for Multi-core Processors” IEEE Advanced Information Management, Communications, Electronic and Automation Control Conference, 2018, Xian, China

  5. Irfan, Muhammad, and Aftab Ahmad. “Impact of Initialization on Gate-based Area Efficient Ternary Content-Addressable Memory” IEEE International Conference on Computing, Electronics & Communications Engineering, 2018, United Kingdom

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