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Dr. Muhammad Bilal Khan

Assistant Professor

Qualifications: PhD (Mechanical Engineering), Beijing Institute of Technology (2022)
Research Interests: Mechanics, MD Simulation, Composite Materials, Advanced Manufacturing, Nano Mechanical Systems

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Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Thesis Title: The Mechanical properties of nanoparticles contained graphene foam materials and the design of graphene sheet-based nano-clock


Masters Materials & Surface Engineering

National University of Science & Technology (NUST), Pakistan

Thesis Title: Synthesis, characterization and investigation of mechanical and electrical properties of nano-composite of MoS2 and Polystyrene (PS)


B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

University of Engineering & Technology,

(UET) Peshawar, Pakistan.



2021 Distinguished International Student Award by Beijing Institute of Technology, China.

2020 Distinguished International Student Award by Beijing Institute of Technology, China.

2016 Awarded Certificate for Attending Seminar on Engineering Leadrship and Ethics.

2013 National Level Debater Award by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan.


2017-2022 CSC (Chines Scholarship Council) Scholarship for PhD Program.


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  • Babar A, G, Hussain, Khan M. B*, M. Alkahtani, H, Wei ‘A novel design of mono and bi-cells based hybrid auxetic structures and assessment of their compressive properties’, Journal of Material Research & Technology, 2023 . (*corresponding author) 2024, 1620-1632 (IF⁓6.4) [LINK]
  • Rashid T. M, Ahmad N, Swati F. R, Khan M. B; Experimental and Numerical analysis of n-heptane liquid with various fuel flow rates in a microtube. Micromachines, 14(9), 1760 (IF⁓3.40) [LINK]
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  • Arshad, M. U.; Raza, H.; Khan, M. B.; Hussain, A. , Synthesis of 2D Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) for enhancement of mechanical and electrical properties of polystyrene (PS) polymer. Polymer Testing, 2020, 90, 106646. (IF5.1) [LINK]
  • Raza, H.; Aized, T.; Khan, M. B.; Imran, M. , Tensile testing of polystyrene graphene 2D nano composite membrane. Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2018, 94 (9), 4343-4349. (IF⁓3.56) [LINK]
  • Mustafa Azeem, Yun, Di, Irfan Jamil, Khan, M. B, Multiscale Modeling of Radiation Damage in Oxide Dispersed Strengthened Steel Alloys: A Perspective Tensile testing of polystyrene graphene 2D nano composite membrane. International Journal of Engineering Works, 2022, 12 (9), 193-201. [Link]
  • Akhtar M. Mustafa Azeem, Khan, M. B, Atomistic Insights into the Irradiation Effects in Molybdenum. International Journal of Engineering Works, 2022, 12 (9), 187-192. [Link]
  • Qayyum, H; Hussain, G.; Khan, W; Hassan, M; Khan, M.B; Zafar, M Q; Sulaiman, M. ‘Performance evaluation of aircraft wing spar 3D printed in multiple materials and configurations: An experimental and numerical study’. (under review)
  • Umer, H. M, Khan. M. B, Zafar. Q.M, Hussain, G, Influence of process parameters on mechanical properties and surface roughness in Fused Deposition Modeling: A Comprehensive Review. (under review in BMSE Journal)

  • M. Zafar, Khan Muhammad Bilal, Haiyan Zhao. ‘Cyber Security in Manufacturing’. 2024.1ST Edition, CRC Press, 10 [LINK]


  • Khan, M.B., Rahim Jan, A.Habib, “Review of 2D materials and its Applications as composites”, 3rd International Asian conference (APCoMS-3), 27-29 Nov. 2014, SCME, NUST, Pakistan


  • Khan, M.B., “Properties and Application of 2D materials and their composites”, Symposium for Nanomaterial’s Research, 15-17 June 2015, in PIEAS, PAEC, Pakistan.
  • Khan, M.B., Muhammad Arsalan Khan, Muhammad Alam Zaib Khan. “In‑depth evaluation and analysis of the exhaust emissions of bi-fuel spark ignition engine using design of experiment techniques”, Paper Published in 1st MDSRC National Conference proceedings, held on 14-15 Nov, 2015 in University of Wah, Pakistan.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Invited Talks/Keynote Speeches

  • CPD Seminar on “How to Design of Nano Material Using LAMMPS” on November 16, 2023, at GIK
    Institute, Swabi, Pakistan.
  • CPD Seminar on “Design of Nano Machinery” on December 28, 2022, at GIK Institute, Swabi, Pakistan.

Trainings/Workshops/ Certifications

  • Online course ‘AI for Everyone’ on Feb 2023 from Coursera QERC9ACDLF5J.
  • Three-Days workshop on “3D Scanning, Modelling & 3D Printing” on July11-13, 2023 by PIAM, NCP
  • Two- Day training on “Implementing Pearson BTEC Level 5 Qualification in Construction” on December1-2, 2015 by Pearson UK.
  • Two- Day workshop on “Health, Safety and Environment” on June 1-2, 2022, at DMSE, IST, Islamabad.
  • One-day seminar on “Engineering Leadership and Ethics“ on Feb, 18, 2016 at UET, Taxila.


  • Life Member, Pakistan Engineering Council (RE)


PhD Students (Co-Supervisor)

NameThesis Title Joining Semester
Babar AshfaqPerformance Evaluation of Additively Manufactured Auxetic Structures: Anisotropy, Hybridization and Material Effects. .Fall 2020

MS Students (Supervisor)


Thesis Title

Joining Semester

Muhammad Haseem Umer 

Parametric study of torsional properties in FFF using DOE 

Fall 2020 

Shafi Ullah

Multi-material printing for multi applications

Fall 2022

Hamza Nisar

Design & Fabrication of hybrid composites

Fall 2023

Tauseef Iqbal

Design & Fabrication of 3D HC

Fall 2023

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