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Dr. Muhammad Asif

Assistant Professor

Qualifications: PhD in Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Emission control of greenhouse gases, Desalination, IGCC


  Dr. Muhammad Asif


Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests:

Heat and mass transfer, Gasification, Gas separation, Desalination, IGCC


B. S. Mechanical Engineering

UET Lahore, Pakistan

MSc Mechanical Engineering 

Hanyang University, South Korea

Ph.D Mechanical Engineering 

Hanyang University, South Korea

Professional Affiliations:


Email: masif@giki.edu.pk

Dr. M. Asif has completed his PhD from the Hanyang University South with specialization in thermal engineering. His professional experience is a blend of industry, research and teaching. He worked in industry for three years, worked as a lectures for two years and has five years of research experience.  He is working in faculty of mechanical engineering at GIK as an Assistant Professor from 2015. Moreover, he is quite active researcher working with the international community. 


  1. 2014

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