Dr. Mazhar Ali

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Dr. Mazhar Ali

Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D. in Engineering Systems, 2019 (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia).

  • M.Sc. in  Electric Power and Electrical Engineering, 2015 (Skolkovo Institute of Science & Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology collaboration).

  • M.Sc. Research and Innovation, 2015 (Skoltech-MIT Initiative, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA).

  • B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (Gold Medalist), 2012  (The University Of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan).

Research Interests: Developing novel computational methods for Power Systems Security Assessment, Cyber-Physical Security of Electrical Grids, Voltage Stability of Electric Grids, Exploring Solution manifolds of the Power Flow equations, Energy Management in Smart Grids, Computational mathematics , Numerical analysis, and Optimization Methods.

Work Experience:

  • Research Scientist, 2019-2021, Center for Energy Science & Technology (CEST), Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia.

Selected Publications

  1. Mazhar Ali, Anatoly Dymarsky, and Konstantin Turitsyn. “Transversality enforced Newton–Raphson algorithm for fast calculation of maximum loadability.” IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution 12, no. 8 (2018): 1729-1737.
  2. Sayfutdinov, Timur, Mazhar Ali, and Oleg Khamisov. “Alternating direction method of multipliers for the optimal siting, sizing, and technology selection of Li-ion battery storage.” Electric Power Systems Research 185 (2020): 106388.
  3. Ali, Mazhar, Elena Gryazina, Oleg Khamisov, and Timur Sayfutdinov. “Online assessment of voltage stability using Newton-Corrector algorithm.” IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution 14, no. 19 (2020): 4207-4216.
  4. Mazhar Ali, Elena Gryazina, Anatoly Dymarsky, and Petr Vorobev. “Voltage Feasibility Boundaries for Power System Security Assessment.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2103.00168 (2021).
  5. Dmitry Baluev, Mazhar Ali, Elena Gryazina. “State of the Art Approach for Comprehensive Power System Security Assessment – Real Case Study.”  (under review in Electric Power Systems Research)
  6. Mazhar Ali, Dmitry Baluev, Hamza Ali, Elena Gryazina. “A Novel Open Source Power Systems Computational Toolbox.” In 2021 Nnorth 52nd America Power Symposium, 2021, Tempe Arizona, USA (Accepted)
  7.  Ghimire, Sulav, Mazhar Ali, and David Pozo. “Modal Analysis for Voltage-Stable Regime Determination: The Nepalese Power System Case.” In 2020 International Youth Conference on Radio Electronics, Electrical and Power Engineering (REEPE),Moscow, Russia ,pp. 1-6. IEEE, 2020.
  8. Mazhar Ali, Elena Gryazina, and Konstantin S. Turitsyn. “Fast calculation of the transfer capability margins.” In 2019 IEEE Milan PowerTech, Milan, Italy, pp. 1-6. IEEE, 2019.
  9. Asefi, Sajjad, Mazhar Ali, and Elena Gryazina. “Optimal Energy Management for Off-Grid Hybrid System using Hybrid Optimization Technique.” In 2019 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (ISGT-Europe), Bucharest, Romania, pp. 1-5. IEEE, 2019.
  10. Mazhar Ali, Elena Gryazina, and Konstantin S. Turitsyn. “Methodology for computation of online voltage stability assessment.” In 2018 IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering and 2018 IEEE Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Europe (EEEIC/I&CPS Europe), pp. 1-5. IEEE, 2018.
  11. Ahmed, Tanvir, Mazhar Ali, and Dawar Awan. “Techno-Economic Study of Electricity Generation from Wind at Kallar-Kahar Region in Pakistan.” In 2018 International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology (FIT), Palermo,
  12. Mazhar Ali. “Computation of loadability limit in power system based on newton-bisection algorithm.” In 2016 IEEE International Conference on Power System Technology (POWERCON), Wollongong, Australia,pp. 1-6. IEEE, 2016.
  13. Hamza Ali, Mazhar Ali, Oleg O. Kahmisov, Elena Gryazina. “Calculating all Solutions of the Power Feasibility Boundary in the Parameter Space” (submitted to IEEE PES Power Systems Computational Conference, 2022)
  14. Oleg O. Kahmisov, Petr Vorobev, Mazhar Ali, Timur Saifutdinov and Vladimir Terzija. “Optimization of Frequency Nadirs in Power Networks with High Penetration for Renewable Energy Sources” (submitted to IEEE PES Power Systems Computational Conference, 2022)