Dr. Farhan Khan

Dr. Farhan Khan
Ext. 6-2144
S-18, New Academic Block

Dr. Farhan Khan

Assistant Professor

Qualifications: Ph.D in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Research Interests: Data Science, Signal Processing, Health informatics, Industrial informatics, Wireless Communication, Hydroinformatics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Object Detection, Computer Vision

Journal Publications

  1. Khan S., Guan Y., Khan F, Zhang D., Xie Y., 2021 “Remote Sensing Data Analytics for GriddedPrecipitation Products – A Multisite Assessment”, Remote Sensing MDPI Publisher (Accepted)
  2. Khan S., Khan F, Guan Y., Xie Y., 2021 “Analyzing Trends and Change Points in Climatic Variables in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan using Nonparametric Approaches”, Advances in Climate Change Research, Elsevier (Under Review).
  3. Khan S, Guan Y, Zhang D, Khan F., “Assessment of Gridded Precipitation Products in theHydrological Modelling of a Flood-prone Mesoscale Watershed” Hydrology Research, IWA Publisher (Under Review)
  4. F. Khan,“Damage Propagation Modeling and Remaining UsefulLife Estimation using Online Subspace Tracking and Curve Matching,”Lifetime Data Analysis, Springer, IF:0.948, under review, 2020.
  5. Salman Khan, Yiqing Guan, Farhan Khan, Zeeshan Khan, “A Comprehensive Index for Measuring Water Security in an Urbanizing World: The Case of Pakistan‘s Capital,”Water, MDPI, IF:2.524, 2019.
  6. M. K. Ali, A. Rajput, M. Shahzad, F. Khan, F. Akhtar, A. Börner, “Multi-sensor depth fusion framework for real-time 3D reconstruction,”IEEE Access, IF: 4.098, vol. 7, pp. 136471-136480, 2019.
  7. D. Kari, A. H. Mirza, F. Khan, H. Ozkan, and S. S. Kozat, “Boosted adaptive filters,” Digital Signal Processing, IF:2.792, vol. 81, pp. 61-78, November 2018.
  8. D. Kari, I. Marivani, F. Khan, M. O. Sayin, and S. S. Kozat, “Robust adaptive algorithms for underwater acoustic channel estimation and their performance analysis,” Digital Signal Processing, IF:2.792, vol. 68, pp. 57-68, September 2017.
  9. F. Khan, D. Kari, I. A. Karatepe, and S. S. Kozat, “Universal nonlinear regression on high dimensional data using adaptive hierarchical trees,” IEEE Transactions on Big Data, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 175-188, April 2016.
Conference Proceedings


  1. Tufail Ahmad, Farhan Khan, “On the Coding Gain of Polar Codes for High Speed Communications over AWGN Channels,”International Bhurban Conference on Applied Sciences & Technology, IBCAST, Islamabad, 2020.
  2. Salman Khan, Yiqing Guan, Farhan Khan, Yan Wei, “Assesing Urban Water Security Under Changing Climate: A Case Study of Islamabad, Pakistan,” EXCEED-SWINDON workshop on Water Resources and Climate Change: Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation, Amman, 2019.
  3. WT. Li, NUL Hassan, F. Khan, C. Yuen, and YM Keow, “Data Driven Model for Performance Evaluation and Anomaly Detection in Integrated Air Source Heat Pump Operation,” IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT) , Melbourne, 2019.
  4. F. Khan and S. S. Kozat, “Sequential Churn Prediction and Analysis of Cellular Network Users – A multi-class, multi-label perspective,” SIGNAL PROCESSING AND COMMUNICATIONS APPLICATIONS CONFERENCE (SIU), Antalya, 2017.
  5. S. Khan, J. Wang, Y. Guan, and F. Khan , “An improved HORTON model for selected watersheds in Gansu, China,” Proceedings of the WATER SECURITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES IN ASIA, AIT Bangkok , 2016.
  6. F. Khan, I. Delibalta, and S. S. Kozat, “Online Churn Detection on High Dimensional Cellular Data using Adaptive Hierarchical Trees,” European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), Budapest, 2016.
  7. F. Khan, I. Delibalta, and S. S. Kozat, “High dimensional sequential regression on manifolds using adaptive hierarchical trees,” IEEE 25th International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing, Boston, MA, 2015.

(PhD Thesis)  F. Khan, “Online Non-linear Modeling for Big Data Applications,” Ph.D. Thesis, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey, 2017.
(MS Thesis) F. Khan, “Adaptive Irregular Hybrid Modulation for Time Varying SNR,” MS. Thesis, School of Electronics and COmputer Science, University of Southampton, UK, 2009.


  • Data Driven Health Prognostics,
  • Data Science,
  • Financial Forecasting,
  • Big Data, Machine Learning,
  • Statistical Signal Processing,
  • Adaptive Filtering,
  • Wireless Communication, Channel estimation/equalization,
  • Online Learning,
  • Predictive Maintenance, Health Informatics,
  • Natural Language Processing, Data Visualization.
Academic and Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute Topi, Pakistan (March 2020 – present)

• Faculty of Computer Science & Engineering
• Assistant Professor in Artificial Intelligence Program
• Huawei Coordinator for BS Artificial Intelligence Program

•Courses Taught

  1. Computer Programming (Summer 2020)
  2. Data Science (Fall 2020)
  3. Deep Learning (Spring 2021)
  4. Discrete Structures (Spring 2021)
  5. Introduction to AI (Fall 2021)
  6. Data Mining and Visualization (Graduate course, Fall 2021)
  7. Knowledge Representation and Problem Solving (Spring 2022)
  8. Fundamentals of Logic Design (Spring 2022)
  • Assistant Professor, National University of Sciences & Technology, Pakistan (Jan 2019-Feb 2020)

School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (SEECS)

• Grdauate Program Coordinator for MS-IT
• HEC Approved MS/PhD Supervisor
• Member of Quality Assurance and Program ranking committee
• Teaching

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Data Mining (Graduate)
  4. Mathematical Methods for IT (Graduate)
  5. Digital Image Processing
  • PostDoc Research Fellow, SUTD, Singapore (Feb 2018- Nov 2018) Engineering Product Development
  • Machine Learning & Data Science for Predictive Maintenance
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Teaching and Research Assistant, Bilkent University Ankara (2013-2017)
  1. Statistical Signal Processing and Big Data Analytics
  2. Big Data Analysis of Telecom Customers
  3. Online Learning for Cyber Security
  4. Online & Sequential Learning for High Dimensional Streaming Data
  5. Sentiment Analysis
  • Lecturer, COMSATS University, Abbottabad (2007-2013), Electrical & Computer Engineering
    • Courses Taught
  1. Microwave Engineering
  2. Communication Systems
  3. Computer Networks
  4. Signals and Systems
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