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Adil Poshad Khan


Qualifications: MSc (Structural Engineering)
Research Interests: Structural analysis, Structural Dynamics, Retrofitting of RC structures, Seismic analysis of structures, construction materials, Ash based OPC in ARCC, PSHA, and Pushover analysis of beam-column joints. 

Selected Publications


  1. Kaleem Afzal Khan, Khan Shahzada, Akhtar Gul, Adil Poshad Khan, Muhammad Ilyas ” Experimental and Numerical Study on Flexural Behavior of Hollow Reinforced Concrete Slabs (HRCS)” 2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON RECENT ADVANCES IN CIVIL ENGINEERING AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT):
  2. Hafiz Ahmed Waqas, Ali Husnain, Hassan Ubaid, Muhammad Waseem, Muhammad Ilyas, Adil Poshad Khan “Evaluation of Effect of Reinforcement Detailing on Blast Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Beam-column Connections using Finite Element Method, Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
  • Probabilistic Seismic Hazard assessments of KP
  • Pushover Analysis of CFRP Strengthened RC frame Structures using ATENA
Research Project
  • Identification of Geological Hazards and damage assessment of infrastructure due to flood 2022 along Swat River to Nowshera city.(China Pakistan Joint Research Center for Earth Sciences and Department of Civil Engineering GIKI, Topi Swabi)



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