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ORIC – Career Services Office is focused to:

  • Connect students to career and job options
  • Connecting industry to students and graduate talent
  • Connecting faculties / study disciplines to employability and graduate outcomes

Career Services Office exists to help out students to set career goals and implement real time strategies to achieve those goals. We help you to increase your employability options as you go through your studies. When you apply for opportunities along the way and at the end – you are more competitive to start on the career you seek as an engineer.

Who we are:
Career Services Office under supervision of Pro-Rector Academics, PProf. Dr. Jameel-Un NabiOffice of Research, Innovation and Commercialization – ORIC and in coordination with all faculties, provide career counseling, training and placement activities for the students at GIK Institute. Faculty coordinators and the Career Services Office remain in contact with industry organizations; tracking their job / internship openings, training programs and hiring schedules.

Career Services Office is one of GIK Institute most vital units. Our career advisers and faculty coordinators work closely with undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni at the same time as they explore career interests, options, and opportunities, from internships to jobs and also to further studies. The office brings prospective employers to campus, maintains ties with industry, and interacts with faculty and the GIK Institute alumni. The Career Services Office is dedicated to your success.

What we do:
At Career Services Office, we are very interested to help you get a sense of the connections between you (your discipline, your experiences, your skills, your qualities and your values) and the real professional world. Also, what is it that employers looking for, and having this in mind, how you can develop according to their requirements before you finish at GIK Institute.

The office provides you the following services to get you through your career action plans:

  • Career counseling regarding job search, job application, CV / resume building, interview preparation etc.
  • Internship placement and assistance in job appointment
  • Information on prospective employers and job market
  • Serves as bridge between industry, students and alumni
  • Arrangement of career related seminars, workshops and events

What do you want to do with your future life?

Whether you anticipate identifying and getting ready for the career that becomes your passion while a student at GIK Institute, or whether you’re edging closer to your graduation and still confused about your future options, Career Services Office helps you to reach your goals.

GIK Institute educates students to be analytic, inventive, and motivated individuals in the industry. Employers want to hire considerate, innovative, and motivated students who may add value to their organizations in future; that’s why they prefer GIK graduates. The Career Services Office helps organizations to pass on their names in front of students by inviting employers to recruit and interview on campus, events, posting opportunities on our job board, disseminating those opportunities by emails, and arranging internships.

CV/Resume Checking Service
You can have your CV/resume checked online by us. Email your resume as a MS Word Document to and it will be available within 5 working days for you to pick or will be sent back to you by email. Any corrections or suggested improvements to your resume will be noted on the word document.

*ONLY IF you are a final or 3rd year student; please CLICK HERE to access our online CV making application. CVeator is a web-based application dedicated for current senior year students to build their CVs, on a set template. It is compulsory for Senior Year students to make their CV on this application if they want to be considered for job / internship placement assistance from our office.


*for further information on services provided by Careers Services Office at the Institute, please scroll down.

Industrial Open House and Careers Fair

Industrial Open House and Careers Fair 2015


Summer Internship Program

For a student or future engineer, it’s very important for you to get some workplace experience which may be applied to whatever you are learning in the lecture halls. Hands-on experience during your study is a valued commodity. Career Services Office helps and encourages you to pursue internships related to your studies in the private or public sector organizations. These internships are arranged in different industrial centers of the country as well as abroad.

In addition to all other academic activities at GIK Institute; to satisfy their degree requirements, students have compulsion to go through the industrial experience in an organization after third year (6th Semester), where they can groom their technical, managerial and interpersonal skills. The purpose of this 6-8 weeks training / internship during the summer semester; is to give an individual exposure and practical hands on experience to the students. As the Institute made it mandatory to them, we take the responsibility to place them all (over 300 students every year) at over 100 multinational / government research and industry organizations. Every year, a good number of our students are also sent overseas to carry out their summer internships. There are two students’ run societies working at the Institute, for international student internships exchange programs, AIESEC and IAESTE.

We invite expression of their interest from the industry organizations for the internship slots to be offered to our students. Later, according to the industry requirements, and through a very rigorous and transparent process; we place those students in the organizations according to their merit, area of interest, specialization, expertise and geographical location. We make sure to place them according to merit after long and thorough internal process including panel interviews by including faculty as well.

After they are placed, we nominate them to the industry and send confirmations to the students individually with the evaluation form, which needs to be filled out by their concerned internship supervisor. Later, after the completion of their internship, they are invited to submit an internship report along with the evaluation form and give out a presentation to their respective faculty to be graded accordingly.

For Industry organization: if you are interested to place our students for internship during summer at your prestegious organization, satisfying your corporate social responsibility; please CONTACT USCLICK HERE for submitting your expression of interest or DOWNLOAD Internship Offer Form.

Career Counseling/Seminar/Workshop & Student Career Support Program

As a student, you require as much information as promising to make good career decisions; and you’ll find over the time that the most inspiring advice often comes from the personal experiences of others. We at the Career Services Office with the help of professionals and alumni share those experiences with you to help you in making future decisions.

We offer seminars and workshops to better prepare you for the challenges in obtaining a graduate position when you finish with your degree and start performing job seeking activities. Our workshops include:

  • Effective CV building
    Find out how presentation and content of your CV can craft an impact on your prospective employers.
  • Cover letter, answering Selection Criteria and Online Forms
    Learn how to connect with your target employers and provide substantiation for their selection criteria on paper and through online forms.
  • Effective Interview Techniques
    Get trained about researching your future employers and yourself, so you can feel confident in your answers and deal with complex situations during your interviews.
  • Dealing with Assessment / Test Centers
    Gain knowledge of how to deal with the diverse activities which employers now comprise in their hiring processes – such as tests, presentations, and group exercises.
  • Making a Successful Start in Your New Job
    The workshop will consist of employee everyday jobs including workplace behavior and to deal with communication situations. Everything you require to ensure you make a convinced start in your new responsibility and craft a good feeling on your employer.

Student Career Support Program is a program planned to be held throughout the year to provide an opportunity to engage both current students and alumni together.
The program is designed to provide particularly final year students with the opportunity to improve their career related skills such as job seeking techniques, CV /cover letter writing, mock interviews etc. The mock interview session will give students the opportunity to be interviewed by winning GIK alumni and be given productive face to face feedback and advices.
Alumni are vital to the success of the program as they are supposed to perform as interviewers. Imagine how pleasing it will be for our current students to genuinely help them practice their interview skills and prepare for their future career. Our alumni involvement will guarantee students enter the rigorous interviews ahead of them with the assurance to succeed.
Benefits for Alumni
• Help current students sharpen their interview skills
• Network with other alumni
• Improve your interviewer skills
• Find potential employees
• Share knowledge and experiences with current students, to assist their transition from university to work
Benefits for Students
• Gain real life interview experience
• Ensure to excel in any interview scenario through the interview workshop
• Develop skills of creating a positive first impression from the moment you greet the interviewer
• Practice answering a wide range of interview questions
• Receive immediate feedback on your interview strengths and weaknesses
• Meet and network with high level professionals (GIK graduates) from the public and private sectors who will act as interviewers in the program

As a corporate trainer, HR specialist or alumni, if you would like to contribute or help us in making our Career Counseling and Student Support Program better; please CONTACT US.

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