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GIK Institute is committed to form and encourage an enduring relationship with its graduates through its Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization – ORIC. ORIC aims to foster mutually beneficial relationship between the Institute and alumni, wherever they are around the globe. Providing constant communication and a strong relationship, the office provides alumni with the latest news and networking opportunities to ensure they always feel a part of GIK Institute. Alumni relation activities planned by ORIC are all about increasing participation. Our goal is to provide our alumni with relevant opportunities of involvement that allow you, our alumni, to stay connected and participate in the life of the GIK Institute.

GIK alumni are essential to the institute’s enduring success and actively add a value to the Institute’s future. We expect our alumni to inspire the current students – the future of tomorrow; share their knowledge and experience; and further support the objectives of GIK Institute. Whether you stay in touch for social gatherings, professional development or further study, the ORIC is your lifelong link to GIK Institute.

Over the years, a number of mailing lists have been formed for GIK Institute graduates; you can join the ones you are interested in by mailing the moderators. giki-alumni or giki-cafe on yahoo groups and GIKI – Alumni or GIK Institute Alumni are the most populated and recommended group to join where you can surely find your old mates.

The GIK institute is very proud of its graduates. We’re always concerned in hearing about your career moves, academic achievements and industry involvement since leaving GIK. PLEASE CLICK here to update your information and share your experiences with us.

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