MTME 2023

Registration Guidelines

Registration Procedure:

After receiving the acceptance of your submitted full length paper or abstract, the authors will be required to register for the MTME2024 Conference. The fee details are provided below for each category.

A conference registration form will be sent by email to the respective authors.

Kindly adhere to the registration instructions provided below:

  • One registration form is intended for a single paper/abstract and individual only. Participants are required to pay the registration fee separately for each paper.
  • Please ensure that accurate details are provided on the registration form.
  • The name and title of the paper/abstract specified on the registration form must match the information on the submitted paper, as the provided information will be utilized for the publication of the program card and certificate.
  • We request you to complete the payment of the registration fee (details provided in the registration form) and send the completed registration form along with the payment details (Transaction receipt) by email to Dr. Ali Turab Jafry (Email ID:
  • A receipt and confirmation email will be sent for acknowledgement of registration.


Fee Structure

Sr. No.

Participant Category



Oral Presentation

(Published with MATEC)

Full Length Paper published with DOI


Abstract published in a Book of Abstracts)


Full Length Paper by Author

Rs. 15000

$ 100


Abstract only submission by Author

Rs. 5000

$ 50


Poster Presentation (Abstract submission)

Rs. 5000

$ 50

Poster Presentation



Rs. 3000/25$


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