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No organization is immune from changes in the world economy. Embracing evolving technologies, leadership models and appreciating the unique ways in which an organization can use all the global resources available to it is one of the ways for companies and individuals to remain successful. The Bachelors in Management Sciences Program focuses on exploring business models from a societal and economic perspective, with particular emphasis on national, regional and international Supply Chain Management systems and innovative entrepreneurial models in order to enable students to become pioneering icons in the corporate world. With so much attention being given to environmental concerns by world leaders and industry giants, another niche of this program will be teaching students recent developments and discussions about sustainability in a long-term business context, especially for South Asia and Pakistan specifically. This unique Program in Management Sciences at the Department of Management Sciences, Ghulam Ishaq Khan (GIK) Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology would offer students a once in a lifetime experience focused on interdisciplinary study, experiential learning and unforgettable co-curricular skills. Combining a solid academic foundation in management with multiple courses in the development of leadership and interpersonal skills in cross cultural contexts will ensure that students become successful in adapting both personally and professionally to changes in the global economy. Our Program stands apart from those offered by other local universities because of the combination of courses focusing on business leadership and sustainability with a technology perspective. The students will excel at making economic, societal, ecological and legal decisions from a managerial perspective once they join the workforce. Aspects of the Program that students will value include:  

·   Extensive contact with lecturer

·   Intellectual environment

·   Case Methodology

·   Individual Attention

·   Executive grooming

The Department of Management Sciences is also unique in the sense that it equips engineering graduates with the management skills needed to deliver engineering leadership in today’s multi-disciplinary business environment.

The Department is housed in a newly refurbished building that keeps the corporate culture in mind. Class rooms are well equipped with multimedia projectors, sound system, air-conditioning facility and seating arrangement that suits case study teaching methodology.  

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