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Videoconferencing Room

The videoconferencing facility is located at the Workshop Room Adjacent to the Agha Hasan Abedi Auditorium. The Room is equipped with LifeSize® Room 220™ System for high-definition H.323 multipoint videoconferencing and a high-resolution Interactive smartboard digital projector. The Room provides seating for 60 participants and is equipped with conference sound/microphone system.


Contact Information

For technical queries or to book the videoconferencing room, please contact the consulting team. Please book well in advance, so that our staff can arrange the service in a befitting manner.
IT Facilities

High Performance Computing Cluster

The High Performance computing facility is located at the CPU Room of Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering. The facility consists of 160 CPU Cores, 1024 GPU Cores, 10GB Ethernet switch Interconnection and 640 GB RAM. The facility is aimed at serving highly compute intensive research projects for the higher education sector of entire country over Pakistan Education and Research Network.

Click here to download the HPC  manual.

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