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ICEPT 2023
International Conference on Emerging Power Technologies (ICEPT) 2023

International Conference on Emerging Power Technologies (IECPT).

Conference Proceedings

The proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Emerging Power Technologies (ICEPT 2023) are now available on IEEEXplore


Conference Program 

The conference schedule is as follows

Inauguration Ceremony




Registration of on-campus speakers, session chairs and guests

8:30–9:00 AM

Venue: Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Mic and camera check for participants

10:30–10:45 AM


Guests to be seated at the Venue

10:45 AM


Recitation of the Holy Qur’an

10:50 AM


National Anthem

10:55 AM


Welcome Address by Patron in Chief, Rector GIK Institute,

Prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmed Khalid, SI, Pakistan.

11:00 AM


Address by Pro-Rector (Academic),

Prof. Dr. Syed Muhammad Hassan Zaidi

11:20 AM


Address by Conference Chair  ICEPT 2023 (Electrical),  

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Akbar

11:35 AM


Address by Technical Program Chair (Mechanical),

Dr. Khalid Rehman

11:50 AM


Address by Chief Guest

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mujahid,

 Rector Pak-Austria Fachhochschule

12:00 PM


Presentation of Shield to the Guests

12:40 PM


Group Photo

12:45 PM


Lunch and Prayer Break (1:00 pm — 2:15 pm)

Session 1 A, Saturday, May 06, 2023

SESSION 1A (Lecture Hall 5)
(Renewable and Sustainable Energy Technologies)
SESSION CHAIR: Prof. Dr. Nisar Ahmed

02:30-02:50 Power Harvesting towards Sustainable Energy Technology through Ambient Vibrations and Capacitive Transducers
Umar Jamil, Nouman Ghafoor, Faisal Nawaz, Muhammad Sulaiman, Rana Iqtidar Shakoor

02:50-03:10 What is Stopping EVs? A Different Approach to Analyze the Challenges
Farhan Hameed Malik, Zunaib Maqsood Haider,Saqib Ali,Shakeel Akram,Mohammad Khalid,Sawsan Dagher

03:10-03:30 Enhancing Sustainability of Solar Irrigation Pumping Systems: A Technical and Economic Evaluation of Single and Multi-Crystalline Silicon Solar Panels Using System Advisory Model
Altamash Shabbir, Talha Hussain Shah

03:30-03:50 Optimization of Non-Toxic Inorganic CsSnGeI3 Perovskite Solar Cell with TiO2 and CNTS Charge Transport Layers using SCAPS-1D
Ihsan Nawaz Khan, Muhammad Noman, Shayan Tariq Jan

03:50-04:10 Performance Investigation of Photovoltaic Panel under Cotton Dust Environment: Insights from Statistical Analysis
Basit Ali, Muhammad Faisal Khan, Kashif Ishaque

04:10-04:30 Comparative analysis of two level and multilevel CHB topologies for EV drivetrain
Akhtar Ali, Hasan Abdullah Khalid

Session 1 B , Saturday May 06, 2023

SESSION 1B (Lecture Hall 6)
(Power Electronics Applications)
SESSION CHAIR: Dr. Arbab Abdur Rahim

02:30-02:50 Design of Double Closed-Loop Boost Converter Controller to Reduce Transient Voltage Dip for Sudden Load Connection
Muhammad Ishaq, Muhammad Waqar, Muhammad Hammad Afzal

02:50-03:10 Wideband Switching Power Amplifier for Imaging SONAR
Shahid Ali, Adnan Amin Paracha, Haider Zaman, Faraz Maqsud, Ali Sabir, and Muhammad Nisar

03:10-03:30 Design of Disturbance Observer Based Adaptive Backstepping Sliding Mode Controller for Single Phase Inverter
Zumair Hussain, Umar Farooq, Khurram Karim Qureshi

03:30-03:50 Design of Active Power Filter in Cascaded Power Converters for Harmonic Mitigation
Shahzeb Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Junaid, Majid Ali

03:50-04:10 Optimal Fractional order PID control of a Buck-Boost converter using Mayfly algorithm (MA)
Muhammad Hamza, Arsalan Irfan, Zalaan Khan

04:10-04:30 Data driven approach for power system state estimation with consideration of multi-level noise
Shariq Shaikh, Muhammad Mohsin Aman, Usman Ahmed

Session 2 A,  Sunday, May 07, 2023

SESSION 2A (Lecture Hall 5)
(Smart Grid Planning, Design and Operation)
SESSION CHAIR: Dr. Shahid Alam

09:30-10:50 An overview of the current challenges and issues in Smart Grid Technologies
Muhammad Harris Hashmi, Zahid Ullah, Rafiq Asghar, Bilawal Shaker, Muhammad Tariq, Haider Saleem

10:50-11:10 Artificial Hummingbird Algorithm based Dynamic Generation Expansion Planning considering Renewable Energy Sources
Umar Waleed, Muhammad Mansoor Ashraf, Ammar Arshad

11:10-11:30 A single switch boost converter with unique series resonant network
Ali Faisal Murtaza, Hadeed Ahmed Sher

11:30-11:50 Emission Constrained Generation Expansion Planning considering Site-dependent Renewable Energy Sources of Pakistan
Abdul Haseeb, Muhammad Mansoor Ashraf, Ammar Arshad

11:50-12:10 Fault Detection & Classification in 230 kV Transmission Networks Using Hybrid-filtering Approach
Mahum Jamil, Dr Kashif Imran, Faisal Mumtaz

12:10-12:30 Supervisor Control of Power System for Stability Problems and Improvements Using Computer Control Technology
M Yaqoob, M. Usman Sardar, M. Usama Shahid, Tanzeela Khalid, S. Imran Ahmad Shah, Tayyaba Mutloob

12:30-12:50 A Novel Machine Learning-Based Power Trading Algorithm (MLPTA) for Demand Side Management (DSM)
Yousaf Ali

Session 2 B,  Sunday, May 07, 2023

SESSION 2B (Lecture Hall 6)
(Innovative Hardware and Components)
SESSION CHAIR: Dr. Zia ul Haq Abbas

09:30-10:50 Design and Experimental Analysis of Parabolic Dish Solar Cooker at Different Climatic Conditions
Taymoor Hassan, Mariam Mahmood, Majid Ali, Naveed Ahmed, Asif Hussain Khoja

10:50-11:10 Design and Experimental Verification of a Laser Engraving Machine
Malik Shahaan Khalid, Syed Muhammad Jaleed, Arslan Zafar, Sohaib Ali Khan, Hafiz Zia Ur Rehman, Zeashan Hameed Khan

11:10-11:30 Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Thermoelectric Cooling Module
Muhammad Naveed Gull, Shahvaiz Khan, Hafiz Muhammad Rizwan, Atif Muzaffar, Taqi Ahmad Cheema

11:30-11:50 Installation of Solar Thermal Adsorption Chiller and its Test Bench Performance Analysis
Syed AbdurRehman, Faisal Umer, Hassan Nazir, Adeel Waqas, Omer Mirza

11:50-12:10 Performance Evaluation of the Flat Plate Solar Air Collector Assisted Desiccant Dehumidification System
Wasif Iqbal, Mariam Mahmood, Adeel Waqas, Majid Ali, Naveed Ahmed, Muhammad Haroon Iqbal

12:10-12:30 Solar Powered Automated Grass Cutter Machine With Lawn Coverage
Noman Sharif, Maaz Bin Salman, Abdullah Khan, Muhammad Ammar, Afaq Hussain

Session 3,  Sunday, May 07, 2023

SESSION 3 (Main Lecture Hall)
(Power Systems and Electrical Machines)
SESSION CHAIR: Prof. Dr. Muhammad Akbar

02:30-02:50 Impact of Photovoltaic Ingress on Power Distribution System
Asif Gulraiz, Noor e Batool, Rimsha Saher Bano, Ruksana, Sajjad Haider Zaidi

02:50-03:10 Intelligent Passive Islanding Detection Strategy For Microgrids Using a State Observer with Artificial Intelligence
Faisal Mumtaz, Maqsood Ahmad Shah, Haseeb Hassan Khan, Hammad Ali Qureshi, Syed Junaid Iqbal, Asadullah

03:10-03:30 Optimization of industrial hybrid renewable energy system using HOMER
Muhammad Haseeb Khalid, Sehar Shakir, Adeel Waqas, Rabia Liaquat, Abdul Kashif Janjua

03:30-03:50 Study and Compare the Feasibility of a Renewable Energy System for Power Generation in Pakistan
Ahmad Hayyat, Safdar Raza, Kaynat Fayyaz, Saima Akram, Muhammad Nouman Khan

03:50-04:10 Development and Deployment of Programmable Logic Controller-Based Switched Capacitor Banks to Enhance Power Factor of Three-Phase Induction Motors
Amir Hamza, Mohammad Hamza, Muhammad Awais, Zahid Rehman

04:10-04:30 IoT & ML-Based Parameter Monitoring of 3-φ Induction Motors for Industrial Application
Zohair Ahmed Shehzad, Mubeen Ahmad Shaikh, Muhammad Ariz, Muhammad Zakariya, Afaq Hussain





International Conference on Emerging Power Technologies (IECPT) is a biennial conference organized by Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Topi, Pakistan. The 2023 International Conference on Emerging Power Technologies (IECPT) is the second such conference. The first ICEPT was held in April 2021 with papers presented in emerging fields of electrical engineering. The proceeding of ICEPT 2021 are available online at IEEE Xplore at this link.

The aim of the conference is to provide a premier platform for engineers and researchers to present their works and to share experiences and ideas in power engineering with experts and scholars from around the world.
The conference program will feature technical sessions and paper presentations. Distinguished speaker will be invited to deliver keynote speeches and invited talks on emerging technologies in power engineering. Attendees will have the opportunity to interface with experts from all related fields. 

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