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GIK Institute suggests a range of involvement opportunities for our alumni and current students as volunteer. Volunteering provides you the opportunity to give something back to your Institute, while having fun and developing new skills and alliances. Volunteers can become a valuable resource and do a lot to enhance the programs and activities of the GIK Institute Alumni Relations. These are some of the volunteer opportunities available:

Alumni Chapters and Networks
You can easily stay in touch with your fellow graduates and the GIK community by getting involved with our office and GIK Institute Alumni Association – GIKAA.

Chapters may offer opportunities for social and professional networking with alumni from your faculty/discipline area, or who live in the same region, or work in the same industry.
Networks and Chapters may be organized as:

  • Regional groups (country, city, or region)
  • Educational areas (faculty or discipline area)
  • Professional or industry areas

These Chapters may function in association with our office and GIKIAA to organize events and projects that benefit alumni and our current students. We can give advice and guide you on how to establish a Network/Chapter. Please CLICK HERE to find out links for GIK Alumni Chapters and Networks. For more information, email:

Our office encourages you to organize a reunion as a way of keeping in touch and rekindling the bonds forged in your time at GIK Institute. For more information and help, email:

Student Career Support Program
Student Career Support Program is a program planned to be held each year to provide an opportunity to engage both current students and alumni together. The program is designed to provide particularly senior year students with the opportunity to improve their career related skills such as job seeking techniques, CV /cover letter writing, mock interviews etc. The mock interview session will give students the opportunity to be interviewed by winning GIK alumni and be given productive face to face feedback and advices.
Alumni are vital to the success of the program as they are supposed to perform as interviewers. Imagine how pleasing it will be for our current students to genuinely help them practice their interview skills and prepare for their future career. Our alumni involvement will guarantee students enter the rigorous interviews ahead of them with the assurance to succeed. For further details, please CLICK HERE or to become part of this wonderful program, email:

Mentorship Program
Networking is the most effective method; for our students, to gather career related information, developing contacts in a particular region or industry, and to target hidden job market. Experience and knowledge of our graduates is a great and invaluable asset to our students. Here is your chance to offer assistance to current students by guiding and advising them as a mentor.

GIK Institute encourages alumni Mentorship Program which helps our students to develop an effective network. An alumni member can offer him/herself as a mentor to one student who is already studying at GIK Institute, preferably in second year and performing exceptionally well in his/her academics.

Those who are interested to offer their services as a mentor; may contact us on

Guest Speaker Program
Ever year, ORIC @ GIK organize a series of seminars and programs for current students at GIK Institute. Seminars and workshops we schedule on regular basis cover job seeking techniques, career related issues, business leadership, entrepreneurship, social etiquettes, business planning, basis management, marketing, and other non-engineering areas. Your help, advises, guidance and participation would be highly appreciated and obliged to make this venture a success and beneficial for our current students.

To volunteer, please contact us or email us at

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