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Alumni Sponsored Final Year Project Program

Academic Year 2013-14


GIKI Alumni Association (GIKIAA) has initiated a new program to allow closer collaboration between alumni members, students and faculty on Final Year Projects (FYP). The main idea is to have alumni members propose, sponsor as well as mentor FYP projects, which are relevant to the industry and will prepare students for professional life. The most important aspect of this program is that the sponsoring alumni members will be intimately involved with the students and will participate closely through the life of the project as a mentor in an industry adviser role.


The primary goal is to structure the program to maximize the value for the students, faculty as well as the alumni. Many of the alumni members have suggested very good ideas in the past, however very few have been able to successfully implement these ideas by the students at GIK. Alumni Association would like to use this program to provide a formal platform and framework, which alumni members can use to follow through on their ideas and see them implemented. We strongly believe that this will provide real and concrete value to the students, faculty and alumni.

Program Structure

The important features of this program are as follows:

  1. Alumni will propose FYP ideas by the mid of Spring semester.
  2. Alumni will socialize the proposed ideas with the faculty and students.
  3. Alumni can offer seminars / webinars to describe the idea to introduce and create interest among students.
  4. Students and faculty will make final selection from proposed ideas.
  5. Alumni will prepare detailed proposals and plans for selected ideas.
  6. Alumni will participate as industry advisers complementing the faculty adviser.
  7. Alumni will mentor students and participate on regular basis to track the progress.
  8. Alumni may offer summer internships to students to engage them early and to ramp up their skills.

Program Details

You can find more details about the program in the following documents:

Project Ideas

Next Steps

If you are interested in any of these projects or have any questions then please contact Alumni Association at the following address and we will connect you will the project owner.

“GIKIAA Executive Council”
Note: Please provide you full name, faculty, registration number and phone number so that we can reach you.

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