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Whether you are a relatively fresh graduate or one that has many years qualified experience, you are all important to us and we all have experiences to share. GIK Institute is proud of its alumni, now numbered over 3800 and most out of them are now well-settled all around the world. Every year, we welcome the new induction of alumni into this prestigious network after their convocation ceremony. Our Office is available whenever you need it and where ever you are.

For all of you, your professional life started at GIK Institute. What have you done since you left GIK Institute? Have you accomplished something you never dreamed of? Tell us about it, we are planning to publish alumni profiles on our website on regular basis, in E-news and Newsletter at GIK Institute. We would love to include your experience and achievements in your professional life at GIK Institute.

Share your Experience / Alumni Profiles
The GIK institute is very proud of its graduates. We’re always concerned in hearing about your career moves, academic achievements and industry involvement since leaving GIK. Share your Experience with us at GIK and after leaving the Institute. To complete your profile. please CLICK HERE.

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