Faculty Of Mechanical Engineering


FME offers a well-structured 4-year BS degree program in mechanical engineering. As a cross-disciplinary program, it gives its students a sound foundation of engineering principles and promotes communication and practical skills that are the need of the present and future knowledge driven industry. Classroom theory is reinforced through extensive laboratory work, problem-based learning, and complex engineering problem. FME is focused on design and manufacturing, thermo-fluids as well as system dynamics and control, thus, enabling students to pursue their final year design projects as per their future career aspirations.

Degree Requirement

A student majoring in Mechanical Engineering must complete the following courses:

(A) General Education Requirements (55 Credit Hours)

Course TitlesCourse CodeCredit Hour
Computer Science and Eng.CS101, CS101L, CS102L4
HumanitiesHM101, HM102, HM211, HM321, HM32215
Basic Engineering CoursesCH101, CH161, MM141, MM102, ME101, ME102, MS29113
MathematicsMT101, MT102, MT201, ES202, ES341/CS34215
SciencesPH101, PH101L, PH102, PH102L8

(B) Core Requirements (66 Credit Hours)

Course TitlesCourse CodeCredit Hour

Circuits and Electronic Devices

Electronics and Instrumentation Lab




Electrical Machines and Drives

Mechatronics Lab



Measurement and InstrumentationME2021
Engineering Mechanics (Statics, Dynamics)ME211, ME2126
Mechanics of SolidsME213, ME3146
ThermodynamicsME231, ME2326
Fluid MechanicsME321, ME3226
Theory of MachinesME3133
Heat TransferME3333
Design of Machine ElementsME261, ME3645
Manufacturing ProcessesME3533
Mechanical VibrationsME3153
Design ProjectsME481, ME4826
System Dynamics and Control ME4643
Finite Element AnalysisME4672
Mechanical Engg. Lab. CoursesME244, ME342, ME346, ME347, ME4465

(C) Technical Electives* (6 Credit Hours)

Design and Manufacturing

Course TitlesCourse CodeCredit Hour
Introduction to Automobile Engg.ME4653
Introduction to Finite Element MethodsME4663
Fundamentals of Composite MaterialsME4193

Thermo Fluids

Course TitlesCourse CodeCredit Hour
Introduction to Computational Fluid DynamicsME4233
Gas DynamicsME4243
Refrigeration & Air-conditioningME4393
Power PlantsME4713
Gas TurbineME4733
Internal Combustion EnginesME4743
Energy Management & ConservationME4753
Thermo-Fluid Systems DesignME4253

System Dynamics and Control

Course TitlesCourse CodeCredit Hour
Design of Experiments in Mechanical EngineeringME4673
Industrial AutomationME4933
Flight Dynamics and ControlMe4943

(D) Management Electives (At least 6 Credit Hours)

Course TitlesCourse CodeCredit Hour
Technology ManagamentMS4263
Industrial ManagementMS4493
Operation ManagementME4923
Industrial SafetyME4933
Total Quality ManagementME4943
Maintenance ManagementME4953
Project ManagementME4963

(E) Summer Internship (Pass/Fail Grade; NIL Credit)

Every student is required to participate in a compulsory training programme during the summer of Junior Year and submit a formal written report.


(F) Total Requirements (136 Credit Hours)

For the B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering, a student has to complete 136 credit hours.

Courses Catalogue

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

CodeNameLecture HoursLab HoursCredit HoursPre-reqsCo-reqs
ME101Engineering Workshop Practice031nonenone
ME102Engineering Graphics132nonenone
ME202Measurement and Instrumentation101nonenone
ME203Circuits and Electronic Devices303nonenone
ME213Mechanics of Solids I303ME211none
ME231Thermodynamics I303MT101none
ME232Thermodynamics II303ME231none
ME243Electronics and Instrumentation Lab031noneME202, ME203
ME244Statics and Dynamics Lab031ME211ME212
ME261Design of Machine Element I303ME101none
ME313Theory of Machines303ME212none
ME314Mechanics of Solid II303ME213.none
ME315Mechanical Vibrations303MT201, ME212none
ME321Fluid Mechanics I303MT101, ME212none
ME322Fluid Mechanics II303ME321none
ME333Heat Transfer303ME231, ME321none
ME342Mechanics of Solid and Manufacturing Processes Lab031ME213ME353
ME346Thermo-Fluid Lab I031ME232ME321
ME347Thermo-Fluid Lab II031noneME322, ME333
ME353Manufacturing Prcesses303ME213none
ME364Design of Machine Element II202ME261none
ME403Electrical Machines and Drives303ME203none
ME416Stress Analysis303ME213, ME314none
ME418CAD/CAM233ME101, CSE101none
ME419Fundamentals of Composite Materials303nonenone
ME423Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics303ME333, ME422none
ME424Gas Dynamics303ME322, ME321none
ME425Thermo-Fluids Systems Design303nonenone
ME434Combustion303ME332, ME333none
ME439Refrigeration & Air-conditioning303ME322, ME333none
ME446Mechanical Vibrations and System Dynamics & Control Lab031ME315, MT201ME464
ME447Mechatronics Lab031ME203ME403
ME452Robotics303ME212, ME313none
ME453Additive Manufacturing303nonenone
ME454Micro and Nano Fabrication303nonenone
ME464System Dynamics and Control303MT201none
ME465Introduction to Automobile Engineering303nonenone
ME466Introduction to Finite Element Methods233nonenone
ME467Finite Element Analysis202nonenone
ME469Design of Experiments in Mechanical Engineering303nonenone
ME471Power Plants303ME321, ME322, ME333none
ME473Gas Turbines303ME321, ME332none
ME474Internal Combustion Engines303ME321, ME332.none
ME475Energy Management & Conservation303nonenone
ME493Industrial Automation303nonenone
ME494Flight Dynamics and Control303nonenone