Department Of Chemical Engineering

Labs & Facilities

Department Of Chemical Engineering

Labs & Facilities:

CH251L Applied Chemistry and Process Industries Lab (0-3-1):

The main purpose of this laboratory is to provide the students an appreciation for the potential applications and limitations of analytical methods of analysis. It is also aimed to provide the students an opportunity to develop their abilities in the laboratory skills required for accurate and precise chemical analyses. Some experiments in this laboratory are designed to demonstrate quantitative analysis of water, milk and soap samples.

Co-requisite(s): CH211, CH202

CH252L Energy and Thermodynamic Lab (0-3-1):  

Experiments related to fuel and its properties and chemical engineering thermodynamics and energy engineering.

Co-requisite(s): CH212, CH214

CH253L Fluid Mechanics Lab (0-3-1):

The experiments in this laboratory are designed to demonstrate various phenomena of fluid flow.

Co-requisite(s): CH241

CH351L Heat and Mass Transfer Lab (0-3-1):

The laboratories for this course are equipped with heat and mass transfer experimental benches.

Co-requisite(s): CH311, CH313

CH352L Particle Technology Lab (0-3-1):

Experiments related to the particle technology and vapor liquid equilibrium.

Co-requisite(s): CH341

CH353L Environmental and Reaction Engineering Lab (0-3-1):

The laboratories for this course are equipped chemical reactors and environmental engineering.

Co-requisite(s): CH322, CH361

CH451L Separation Process lab (0-3-1):

Experiments in this lab are related to various separation processes such as absorption, adsorption, extraction, distillation, drying, crystallization, humidification etc.

Co-requisite(s): CH411

CH452L Process Modelling and Simulation Lab (0-3-1):

Introduction of Aspen HYSYS and MATLAB SIMULINK for chemical engineering process simulation.

Pre-requisite(s): CH331

CH453L Instrumentation and Process Control Lab (0-3-1):

Lab is designed to practice experiments associated with instruments used to measure process variables. Also practice controlling industrial processes while implementing different control loops.

Co-requisite(s): CH415

Graduate Research Labs (Water Treatment, Catalysis lab, Membrane Technology and Energy Engineering):

These Laboratories are well equipped and functional according to HEC and PEC requirements and Standards.

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