Department Of Chemical Engineering


Graduate Program:

The dynamics of the research and process industry require professionals who can upgrade the present
manufacturing processes, develop, and design alternative technologies. The graduate program in the
chemical engineering department is specially designed to provide excellent opportunities to the students who will be seeking higher studies or carrying on their careers as professional engineers. The graduate program in chemical engineering consists of two degrees the Masters (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree programs.

The strength of the graduate program in Chemical Engineering has the diversity that covers all major aspects of chemical engineering like designing, process dynamics & synthesizing energy sector, and materials production. The program is designed to provide indepth knowledge of Chemical Engineering to enhance the analytical skills and research capabilities of the graduates. It is a unique opportunity to learn the latest and advanced technologies to resolve interdisciplinary complex engineering problems.

Graduates of the Chemical Engineering at GIK institute are expected to be able to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for a promising professional to identify, formulate, innovative design, and solve bottlenecks utilizing critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities.

DChE Mission

The mission of the department of chemical engineering is to develop and disseminate the understanding of designing and operations of chemical processes so that our graduates can excel in academia, research, business, and industry to contribute ethically for the humanistic development of the society.

Thrust Areas

The graduate program in Chemical Engineering consists of lectures and hands-on research training emphasizing underlying principles and their engineering applications. A number of core and elective courses are offered as per the graduate approved degree plan leading them to earn a Masters (MS) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in their respective fields of specialization.

The Graduate Programs can be pursued in one of the following research areas but not limited to these as student can opt the research area as per his/her interest and supervisor advice:

  1. Process & Equipment Design

  2. Fluid handling and Thermodynamic Behavior

  3. Catalytic Reaction

  4. Transport Processes Engineering

  5. Modeling and Simulation

  6. Waste Water Treatment

Degree Requirement

MS Course Work

To attain the MS degree in chemical engineering a graduate student has to complete 30 credit hours (8 courses generally 3 CHs each plus 6 CHs thesis). The coursework is distributed in three groups, the requisite research courses, the core, and the elective courses. The requisite research courses are mandatory with zero credit hours. From the core courses, a student has to take a minimum of 4 courses, while the remaining 4 courses can be selected based on the field of specialization on a selected research topic for MS thesis.

Ph.D. Course Work

To attain the PhD degree in chemical engineering a graduate student has to complete 36 credit hours (8 courses generally 3 CHs each plus 12 CHs thesis).  Out of eight courses, at least four must be from the list of Graduate Chemical Engineering courses and the remainder from the other faculties of the institute.

Course Description

Department Of Chemical Engineering

CodeNameLecture HoursLab HoursCredit HoursPre-reqsCo-reqs
CH500Research Methodology300nonenone
CH501Chemical Thermodynamics303nonenone
CH502Chemical Reaction Engineering303nonenone
CH503Transport Phenomena303nonenone
CH512Experimental Design and Analysis303nonenone
CH513Process Design and Optimization303nonenone
CH514Sustainable Energy Resources303nonenone
CH515Energy Management and Auditing303nonenone
CH516Computaional Methods for Engineers303nonenone
CH517Numerical Methods for Partial differenial Equations303nonenone
CH521Advanced Fluid Mechanics303nonenone
CH522Advance Heat Transfer303nonenone
CH523Advanced Mass Transfer303nonenone
CH524Biochemical Engineering303nonenone
CH525Computational Fluid Dynamics303nonenone
CH526Computer Aided ProcessDesign303nonenone
CH527Clean Coal Technology303nonenone
CH528Environmental Engineering303nonenone
CH529Advance Wastewater Treatment Technologies303nonenone
CH531Design of Heat Recovery Systems303nonenone
CH532Project Management303nonenone
CH533Particle Dynamics303nonenone
CH534Occupational Health and Safety in Process Industries303nonenone
CH535Power Plant Engineering303nonenone
CH599MS Thesis606nonenone
CH601Computational Modeling of Reactors303nonenone
CH611Catalytic Reaction Engineering303nonenone
CH621Statistical Thermodynamics303nonenone
CH631Computer Aided Design in Chemical Engineering303nonenone
CH641Computational Multiphase Flow303nonenone
CH651Non-Newtonian Transport Phenomena303nonenone
CH699PhD Dissertation18018nonenone
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