Faculty of Materials & Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Materials and Chemical Engineering (FMCE)

The Faculty of Materials and Chemical Engineering (FMCE) is one of the six faculties at GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology and is home to two departments.

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(i) Department of Materials Science and Engineering

(ii) Department of Chemical Engineering

The faculty offers both Materials Engineering, and Chemical Engineering programs at undergraduate and graduate level. FMCE employs highly qualified teaching faculty from the universities of international repute and state-of-the-art laboratories to provide students with a conducive learning experience. The faculty keeps a history of academic achievements, which is manifested by commitment to excellence in teaching and pursuance of high-quality research addressing multidisciplinary challenges.

Faculty Mission

The faculty strives to train and educate students in the fields of Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering for their future role to contribute in academia, research, business and industry.


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