Faculty Of Engineering Sciences


We offer a 4-year engineering degree program leading to Bachelor of Science in Engineering Sciences which encompasses some of the most modern fields of engineering, split into three streams. The curriculum has considerable overlap with Electronics Engineering (~64%) and Computer Engineering (~47%) with additional specialization courses.


Degree Requirement

A student majoring in Engineering Sciences must complete the following courses:

(A) General Education Requirements (55 Credit Hours)
Name Pre-reqs Credit Hours
Computing CS101, CS101L, CS 102 4
Mathematics ES202,ES304,MT101,MT102, MT201 15
Sciences PH101, PH102, PH101L, PH102L 8
Basic Engineering MM101, MM141, MM102, ME101, ME102 10
English HM101,HM102 6
Humanities HM211, HM321, HM322 9
(B) Core Requirements (Minimum 64 Credit Hours)
Name Pre-reqs Credit Hours
Circuit Analysis I ES211/EE211 3
Circuit Analysis II ES214/EE212 3
Electronics I ES231/EE231 3
Logic Design ES212/EE221 3
Computer Architecture ES213/EE222 3
Data Structures & Algorithms ES221/CS221 3
Operating Systems ES322 3
Microprocessor Interfacing ES314 3
Thermodynamics ES232 3
Signals & Systems CS341/ES332 3
Fluid Mechanics ES333/ME321 3
Numerical Analysis ES341 3
Engineering Electromagnetics ES371 3
Instrumentation ES451 3
Semiconductor Materials and Devices ES462 3
Senior Design Project Part-I & II ES481/ES482 6
Circuit Analysis Lab ES211L/EE211L 1
Logic Design Lab ES212L/ES221L 1
Computer Architecture Lab ES213L/EE222L 1
Electronics I Lab ES231L 1
Operating Systems Lab ES222L/CS211L 1
Microprocessor Interfacing Lab ES314L 1
Signals & Systems Lab ES332L 1
Semiconductor Material and Devices Lab ES462L 1
(C) Specialization Requirement (13 Credit Hours)
Lasers and Optoelectronics
Name Pre-reqs Credit Hours
Optics Lab ES471L 1
Lasers and Applications ES472 3
Optical Engineering ES376 3
Optoelectronics ES474 3
Optical Communication and Computing ES475/EE473 3
Semiconductors and Superconducting Devices
Name Pre-reqs Credit Hours
Solid State Electronics ES361/EE333 3
Electronic and Magnetic Materials ES463/MM463 3
Characterization of Materials ES464 3
Semiconductor Devices and Applications ES465 3
Modelling and Simulation
Name Pre-reqs Credit Hours
Simulation Lab ES441L 1
Modelling Processes ES342 3
Computer Simulation Methods ES444 3
Heat Transfer and Modelling ES445 3
Optimization Modelling ES446 3
(D) General Management Electives (Minimum 06 Credit Hours)

MS492-Operations Management, MS493-Industrial Safety, MS494- Total Quality Management, MS-495 Maintenance Management, MS496- Project Management.

(E) Inter-Faculty Electives (Minimum 06 Credit Hours)

These electives have to be chosen from faculties other than that of Engineering Sciences with the consultation of the advisor.

(F) Summer Training (Pass/Fail Grade; Nil Credits)

Every student is required to participate in a program of practical training in industry or an R&D organization and submit a formal written report during the summer of Junior Year.

(G) Total Requirements (136 Credit Hours)

For the BS degree in Engineering Sciences a student is required to complete 135 credit hours.