Natural Language Processing

Programming for AIHours: 2 1 3

IDE for the language (e.g., Jupyter Notebook or IPython), variables, expressions, operands and operators, loops, control structures, debugging, error messages, functions, strings, lists, object-oriented constructs and basic graphics in the language, writing production quality clean code in the programming language using version control (git and subversion), pertinent libraries necessary for interpreting, analyzing and plotting numerical data (e.g., NumPy, MatPlotLib, Anaconda and Pandas for Python) and examples of each library using simple use cases and small case studies.

Pre-requisites: CS112Co-requisites: AI

Hours: XYZ where X = Lecture, Y = Lab, Z = Credit
All hours are per week.
3 Lab hours constitute 1 credit hour
1 credit hour implies 1 lecture of 50mins per academic week. 16 weeks in total.
Pre-Requisite courses are courses required to be completed before this course may be taken
Co-Requisite courses are courses required to be taken along with this course

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