Heat Transfer

Heat TransferHours: 2 0 2

Basic concepts of thermal energy and heat transfer mechanism, Importance and significance of Heat Transfer in process/industry, Identification of mechanism and modes of heat transfer, Distinguish heat transfer from other forms of thermal sciences, Fundamental laws thermal conduction in one-dimensional, Steady state and transient states, Development of heat conduction differential equations for multi-dimensional and time dependence, Composite structures in rectangular, Cylindrical and Spherical coordinate systems, Practice Conductive Heat transfer problems, Physical mechanism of convection and its classification, Significance of dimensionless groups governing convection mechanism, Formation and co-relation of velocity and thermal boundary layers, Derive differential equations for various flow conditions and type of fluid on the basis of mass, Momentum and Energy balances, Analogies between momentum and heat transfer to evaluate film coefficients using friction coefficients, Identification of thermal radiation and related properties and terminologies, Classification of electromagnetic waves/spectrum, basic laws of radiation and numerical calculations, Consequence of atmospheric and solar radiation on greenhouse effect, Combined impact of convective and radiative heat transfer in extended surfaces and industrial application, Introduction to boiling and condensation, Types of boiling and condensation, Different boiling regimes corresponding to different regions of boiling curves, Correlations to calculate heat flux and other associated parameters.

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